2022 [TAMIL]

Action / Crime / Thriller

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Huma Qureshi as Sophia
Ajith Kumar as ACP Arjun Kumar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arungeorge13 4 / 10

Solidly staged action, terrible family drama! [+41%]

H. Vinoth tries to blend an unbearably soapy family drama with the aesthetics of an action thriller to underwhelming results in Valimai. The generic sentimental scenes (with overly moralistic overtones) ruin all the excitement of the intermittently well-done set-pieces. The cat-and-mouse game between the protagonist (a righteous cop played by Ajith Kumar) and the antagonist (the leader of a nihilistic biker gang, played by Kartikeya Gummakonda) isn't exhilarating, or rather, the screenplay doesn't build it up that well. But Vinoth excels in staging the set-pieces, and that's what makes you occasionally sit up. At 3 hours, Valimai becomes a chore to sit through because style can only do so much to keep you invested in a film that frequently gets preachy on "Amma paasam."

Reviewed by Prashast_Singh 10 / 10

A treat for Ajith Kumar fans and action aficionados.

I watched this film in cinemas yesterday and there was not a single moment where it felt dragged or exaggerated. Valimai is a fun action entertainer with a good message. Its high-quality action sequences are an absolute treat and the big screen is the right place to enjoy them because everything's as promised and advertised by the makers. Ajith Kumar's fantastic screen presence is another reason one remains glued to the screen. His bike stunts are top notch, and emotional moments, touching and resonant. The music doesn't interrupt the film's pace, and the background score elevates the fun to the next level. It has a very good pre-interval action scene, but aside from that, the film also has an outstanding post-interval action sequence which is in fact my favorite scene in the whole film.

The length is long, but there's no deviation from the storytelling and hence the time flies by real quick. Ajith Kumar's character is more grounded than his previous roles here; he is strong but also vulnerable. He is heroic and yet no superhuman. His commitment to justice is very well portrayed on screen. As for the villains and supporting characters, Kartikeya Gummakonda and Huma Qureshi have their own moments where they shine from time to time. Two villainous cops are portrayed by some fine actors who succeed in making us hate them. On the technical front, the film's cinematography and editing are fantastic. Action scenes, as I mentioned before, are fun to watch and the film's major highlight.

On the flipside, some might find the climax unconvincing. Other than that, it's a perfect cinematic treat for fans of Ajith Kumar and the action genre in general. I watched the Hindi dub and it was pretty good.

Reviewed by saru2020 2 / 10


The good parts of the films: are bike chasing sequences, game-like screenplay to cover up the Gen Z audience.

Everything else was poor including the storytelling, voice-over, lengthy useless dialogues, comedy, romance, fight, sentiments.

Although the message that the film tries to present is genuine enough, it was poorly executed & presented with unwanted hero introduction & songs with not-so matching sequences.

The fight sequences given for the heroine did work out well but it doesn't add any value to that film as such in a big way and all.

The film is not even for Ajith fans or bike fans and looks more like it was made to fulfil Ajith's dream of making a film with some bike racing sequences.

IMO, Ajith is the only actor who probably is wasting his star presence and not utilising even a bit of it, not sure if he understands & acknowledges that star value in the first place, but he is wasting it to the core. Ajith's appearances vary across the film which itself is a distraction and doesn't connect the audiences at all, a huge bummer for the film.

Overall, it is a half baked & very poorly executed film with lengthier useless portions just to fill in the gaps.

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