Valley of the Zombies


Action / Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 285

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

When he needs blood, he MUST have it!

He is Ian Keith, joining the ranks of more oscure horror actors like George Zucco, Lionel Atwill, John Abbott, Glenn Strange and Tod Slaughter, all memorable but not in the same class as karlov, Lugosi, Price, Cushing or Lee. When threatened with exposure by his own brother (Earle Hodgins), Keith isn't shy of resorting to murder so he can get his supply of plasma, and that leads doctor Robert Livingston and nurse Lorna Gray to trying to find who is strangling then embalming people surrounding them. Zombie, vampire or some other kind of living dead? That's the mystery for this Z-grade Republic thriller, unique with its story, and presented with flare in its mixture of horror and light comedy.

"Remind me not to open my refrigerator when I get home" nurse Gray exclaims after finding one of the victims in the lab refrigerator. She's later petrified by the sudden presence of a cow while her and Livingston are searching for clues involving the murder out in the country. Dial there really isn't a plot involving zombies in this, fortunately that means that there aren't any stereotypical black characters playing zombies either, prevalent in the other 30's and 40's zombie movies. That makes this more of a mystery thriller with elements of horror, and it's a possible time filler that won't tax the brain but won't leave the viewer unentertained either.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 6 / 10

Surprising B movie.

VALLEY of the ZOMBIES is not exactly a horror film and in spite of the title there are no wandering "undead". A fifty-six minute mystery from Republic Pictures is what we get. Interesting, too. A well known surgeon, Dr. Rufus Maynard(Charles Trowbridge)discovers there is a large number of pints of blood missing from his lab. A former mental patient, believed to be six feet under, Ormand Murks(Ian Keith),pays a surprise visit to tell the good doctor where the blood is going and why. Not very long after Maynard's nurse Susan Drake(Lorna Gray)and Maynard's business partner Dr. Evans(Robert Livingston)come back to the office to find the doc dead. Enter Detective Blair(Thomas Jackson)and Susan and Dr. Evans are suspects of murder. After 24 hrs of detention at the local poky, the couple are freed and go about trying to solve the mysterious death of Maynard and clearing their names. Perfect atmosphere and pace. Plus there is a bit of humor amid the gloomy story. Nothing scary; just fun to watch. Other players: Earle Hodgins, Charles Cane and LeRoy Mason.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 4 / 10

Not bad....but not all that good either.

Ormond Murks (Ian Keith) is an ex-mental patient and mortician thought to be dead. However, he actually pretended to be dead and used some sort of voodoo mumbo-jumbo to keep himself alive forever. The only problem is, to stay alive, he needs blood....lots and lots of blood. And, he's not at all afraid to take it--draining his victims and then embalming them.

A doctor (cowboy star Robert Livingston) and his annoying nurse (Lorna Gray) are implicated in the crime--mostly because the cops are the stereotypically stupid variety. When they discover a clue, they do what anyone would do--they keep it to themselves and investigate the crime on their own!! All in all, not a great B-movie but also not bad either (aside from Gray's VERY annoying character). Kind of fun, though there really aren't any zombies in the film despite the title. Also, while the madman is able to use hypnotism to control his folks and make them do his evil bidding, this is not possible. I have training in hypnosis and would certainly use it for evil if it was possible!

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