Vanishing of the Bees


Documentary / History

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Emilia Fox as Self - Narrator
Ellen Page as Narrator

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Reviewed by jjnoahjames 8 / 10

Solution to Bee Problem Solved.

Ellen Paige's voice only helps the homeland feeling of farmers trying to bring love to the land which in turn brings food to all of us. The story starts with David Hackenberg an experienced American bee farmer trying to find out why all his bees are dying. From him the movie traces David's Friendly Colony of scientist and fellow farmers and tells us their stories.

Vanishing was thorough and I learned a lot. What I liked most about the movie is that they take you over seas to show that the people in France etc. are fighting the same battle, and it's cool to see so many people from different backgrounds get together for one cause.

This movie was very enjoyable. I didn't expect it to be exciting but I got sucked in. I would have liked to see interviews with the companies involved in this problem, and people pressing them. Some sort of deep emotion like that would have possibly earned this another star.

Reviewed by Giz_Medium 7 / 10

"falls short in addressing the problems with bees are treated as commodities"

This is such an important topic, as you know, so much of our food system is incidentally being reproduced by the pollen being transfered from one flower to another when bees are foraging, and this movies deals with the subject of their "mysterious" disparitions. because there is no way to prove pesticides and monoculture kills them in the long time. But this movie is also very annoying in the sense that it treats the topic in the same utilitarist manner that apiculturist have : yes, it's threatening a big chunk of worldwide agriculture with their disappearances in north america and europe, but it was only notices when the ones having a business interest in exploiting bees, and the movie, while taking time to criticise some of the methods used to increase their productions, falls short in addressing the problems with bees are treated as commodities, and how unhelpful for their existence, and incidentally ours, it is that humans steal most of their food reserves.

Reviewed by worleythom 10 / 10

It's about pesticides

Vanishing of the Bees. 2010.

In 1994, systemic pesticides were introduced in France. These are applied to crop seeds, and infuse the plant for its life. Bee colonies began collapsing in France.

In 2003, systemic pesticides were introduced in the U.S. U.S. beekeepers first complained of honey bee colony collapse disorder in 2006.

Bees bring the pesticide-laden pollen back to the hive; the newly-hatched bees eat this pollen. Bees become confused and susceptible to bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites that they usually can fight off. Within about a year, the colony is all dead.

In France, systemic pesticides have been banned: bee populations are recovering.

In the U.S., the E.P.A. (which relies on research done by the pesticide companies) is not convinced that the systemic pesticides must be banned.

Honey bees continue to die by the billions in the U.S.

We can help by choosing to eat organic produce; avoid pesticide-grown foods.

For a good show about how bees survive and thrive when a colony is healthy, see Nova: Tales from the Hive:

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