Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu

2022 [TAMIL]

Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 4882

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Plot summary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vibhus-17780 7 / 10


An asusual gangster drama which works out well due to great writing , mind blowing music , phenomenal performance and unique kinda treatment in making . GVM as a director gave a great visuals to the Jayamohan's writing , he completely worked out of his comfort zone , happy to see him in a new avatar . Jayamohan's writing was great , Muthu's characterisation was well designed and movie completely focused character arc of Protagonist . First half , story took it's own time to build and interval block was totally insane . Second half , movie explores underground gangster rivals and Romantic life of Muthu it wasn't great as first half but good . STR once again gave a marvelous performance . AR Rahman gave a mind blowing album , his music treatment for gangster drama was unique and great . Cinematography was phenomenal , some of the long single take Shot was great . Drawbacks , 3rd act was bit odd , too many single take shots and finally last 5 mins was totally meh . Overall a well made gangster drama movie to watch , give a try I hope you like it .

( Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu ommale Vediya podu )

Reviewed by JakDexxter 10 / 10

GVMs comeback

I am Telugu speaking person, kind of a GVM fan, I have watched it with open captions, and I went to the movie with an open mind.

I am sold completely after watching the first half. I knew most of the reviews said that the 2nd half is underwhelming. But I liked second half too. "Unna Nenachadhum" song is the only place where I felt bored. Actually second half started slow but the writing and taking of the last 40 minutes writing and taking are brilliant. So many GVM touches throughout the movie but this is not one of those GVM's love/ romantic movies. So many single shot sequences that came out brilliant. This is STR's one-man show. I am completely sold by his acting. ARR is brilliant too although the same track keeps on playing throughout the first half.

Reviewed by zkzuber 8 / 10

Khan Review - Good

I watched this movie with subtitles since unfortunately it was not dubbed in hindi on prime but I completed it like I complete other South movies with subtitles if it has the content to hold your interest otherwise if not I switch off after twenty minutes or so because this is the time limit you usually need to understand if the movie is worth watching. This is first time I am watching the lead actor and actress and no doubt they did good job. The heroine does not have much screen space in first half but she is likeable with her good looks and sweet dimple. The direction is good, the set is well made, well shot and a complete entertainer.

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