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Jessica Morris as Helen Pace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leapordgirl 1 / 10

Everything including the end sucked

It would have been kinda ok if the snakes were poisonous. But they were all harmless and don't even live in the desert. How is it that everyone died almost instantly from being bit by the snakes but she made it. Also why the heck show a snake on the cover that is not even in the movie ( false advertisement ) and the ending was completely stupid couldn't have even showed them being rescued and having the money . This is one of those stupid movies you continue to watch just to see if there is a good part at all and there wasn't...

Reviewed by Jaynelle Kenney 1 / 10

So stupid

This is the stupidest movie I have ever seen. The "deadly" snakes in this movie consist of non-venomous king snakes and corn snakes. Harmless. Corn snakes do not even live in the desert. Either the people who made this movie are retarded or their budget was to afford snakes that are not family pets. Also, when the snakes are in the scene, a rattling sound plays. These snakes are not rattle snakes. Maybe it would have been more believable if they used rattlers and if the lady didn't walk through the desert for 10 hours with nothing more than a few dizzy spells caused by the deadly little king snake. The plot made no sense. The girl had an Ipod and could research snake bites but not send an email for help?

Reviewed by HorrorFan2013 6 / 10

Snake-O-Vision: The Movie

While there may have been an over exuberance of evil snake films in the past few years following the release of Snakes on a Plane, it is still possible for one to experience such a film with great enjoyment. That is where Venom comes in. The next time you have a pizza in the car and are hitting up the Redbox, check out this fun sci-fi flick.

As Helen and Lilly are driving through the desert, on their way to spend some quality mother-daughter time together. They mistakenly run over a snake, and don't think anything of it. Later, they run over something else, and discover that the former snake's mate is actually hunting them down. The pair becomes involved with murderous drug dealers as well, throwing more danger and excitement into the mix.

While not Oscar-bait, Venom provides a thoroughly entertaining movie for any Friday or Saturday night with the friends. The main draw of the friend is the emotional bond shared between the mother and daughter. What starts out as bitter resentment turns into a shared fight for survival.

Another way in which the film stands out from its peers is with what I will call it's "snake- o-vision," the point of view of the snake as it approaches its victims. Venom proves that it is another great addition to the films that thrive in the darkness on Saturday night. Campy and fun, Venom is one to enjoy with a large group of friends, pizza, and a couple beers.

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