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Reviewed by philippkogler-99689 2 / 10

Badly filmed horror movie without a plot

I wanted to give this movie a try because I generally enjoy this kind of movies (horror movie filmed like from a camcorder) but this one doesn't do anything right. People break into a house to steal videos for an unkown reason. They watch the videos which show short horror movies and then die themselves. That's the whole plot, even a child can think of a better plot, I don't know what they thought while making this movie. These short horror movies have the same structure: People enjoying their time by doing something nice, then they die. Before dying, they experience something extraordinarily weird but they don't seem to mind. They behave AS STUPID AS POSSIBLE. Nobody would be like "Hey cool, there are arms coming out of the wall, a child sitting on a chair, then disappearing, let's stay in the scary house and check out what these noises are", are you fucking kidding me? Another example: Someone is running away, almost gets away, then falls off the stairs and breaks something so they get caught and die. REALLY??? WHY?! I was waiting for the main story to continue until the end but there is no main plot, the people who break into the house just die and then it ends. Please don't waste 2 hours of your life, I think everyone can make a better movie.

Why 2 Stars? The only story I kind of liked was the one with the weird girl who magically transformed into a weird creature which kills people. It was creepy but still made in a bad way, it could have been better. In the end the last survivor of this story dies because he fell off the stairs and broke his arm so the creature can catch him. Come... on... didn't you have any better ideas?

Please don't watch this... please don't do that to yourself

Reviewed by LouAbbott 6 / 10

Hannah Fierman Vs. Barbara Steele in "Big Eyes" Contest

As of December 5, 2017, there are 288 IMDb reviews of this film. Almost everything written about V/H/S – the good, the bad and the ugly – is written. So, here may be a unique comment. No, I haven't read every review, but I'm still going forward. Hannah Fierman, who plays Lily, may have bigger eyes then Barbara Steele, "The Queen of All Scream Queens." Steele's most famous appearance is in the Mario Bava Italian Gothic film classic "Black Sunday." Also, is there a count of the number of times the F-word is in V/H/S? A record may be broken!! I wonder if George Romero saw this film? If he did, I'd bet he'd like it.

Reviewed by will_jaros 1 / 10

Gross, Disgusting, Sexual Assault

This movie is only about nudity and sexual assault. Disgusting, terrible and in no way okay. There are multiple scenes of sexual assault and rape. It is seen that this movie is completely based around fully graphical nudity and assault and shouldn't be watched or supported.

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