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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ryanrobinsonnn 8 / 10

Better then 94, but no more V/H/S year '90's' please.

While I understand the love for horror in the 90's and how much of a big thing it was, it's now been done twice and I think it's enough, 94 & 99 still doesn't beat V/H/S 1 and 2, the 94 and 99 V/H/S movies are just based on gore, nothing else, with V/H/S 1 and 2 we had a mixture of zombies, aliens, demons, the paranormal, witches and other types of creatures, if they are going to create a V/H/S for next year I just hope they will do a V/H/S movie which is modernised and set within the 21st century and bring some new creativity of weird things we haven't seen before just exactly like the first 2 movies shown us & V/H/S 1 & 2 understood what people wanted from found footage, however after an early screening & watching V/H/S 99, it isn't bad but don't expect it to be as good as the first 2.

Reviewed by ayylmao1776 8 / 10

The formula is finally perfected

V/H/S as a franchise has had its ups and downs over the years. From an experimental first entry to the cranked-up-to-11 sequel to the massively disappointing "Viral" and then to the unexpected "94" comeback, suffice to say inconsistent greatness could summarize these series of found footage films. Alas, with "99" the formula has been essentially perfected and refined after the feedback from last year's entry.

Gone is the tedious wraparound that always meant at least 1/5th of the film would be substantially subpar. Gone is the visual and thematic inconsistency throughout the shorts. Gone is that one segment in particular that always stands out as inferior. In fact, it's hard to say which one is the best this time - a good sign.

"99" brings us five deliciously gory and disturbing videos that not only share the late 90s visual aesthetic, but also a varied roster of ghouls, ghosts, mythological creatures, urban legends, cosmic horrorrs and literal winged demons that are each fantastically well made and placed in stories that more than.

Reviewed by brandonlewissmu 8 / 10

What I had hoped 94 would be.

I got an early screener and just finished it. I'll be interested to see the response next month when it comes out. The "critics", who have also gotten to see it early, aren't giving it the love they gave 94. I wasn't a huge fan of 94, so the love fest it got was odd to me. Here with 99, however, it's the exact opposite.

I couldnt disagree more with the negative reviews I've read.

Huge improvement on the wraparound story. The last one was BAD. To a lot of you who loved 94, it was maybe the only bad part. I think they read the negative feedback it got and took it more seriously. It's also far more simplistic. It doesn't feel like a random interruption every 20 monutes.

The segments (no spoilers) Let me preface by saying that nobody dropped the ball here. There were no duds.

The mediocre: A segment involving some neighborhood guys obsessing over their hot new neighbor. A few minutes in, take a guess at the ending. You're probably right.

We have another segment about a girl joining possibly the worst sorority of all time. It's pretty good. Its not "scary", but it is amusing.

The good: The best segment revolves around a, let's say, 'unique' cult. On the surface, it seems like the typical weird people cloaked in black and up to no good thing. We've seen that setup a million times by now and it's kind of lost its wow factor. Not here, though. Genuinely creepy. I was dialed all the way in. Nailed it.

Another segment involving a church has the cliché *went looking for trouble and found it* setup but plays it near perfect. Very nerve-racking. The characters do the typical nonsensical things which, while slightly annoying, is necessary. Horror movies wouldn't exist without irrational characters doing the exact opposite of what a normal person would do.

Verdict: Probably the only VHS that doesn't have a dud segment. Even the weakest segment wasn't 'bad'. At the same time, none of the segments absolutely blow you away. The cult one comes the closest. If you liked 94, I'm betting you'll love this. If 94 was letdown for you, as it was for me, I think you will be far more impressed this go round.

I hope this does well and we get more installments in the VHS series. A decent VHS still beats about 90% of horror films and it does the Found Footage subgenre proud.

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