Vicky and Her Mystery

2021 [FRENCH]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1112

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Vincent Elbaz as Stéphane Dutel
Tchéky Karyo as Bruno
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jjsoltis 6 / 10

A little bit cheesy

But still a light feel good movie. Maybe not a deep plot where you learn much but still an enjoyable view. Great shots of the French countryside and beautiful wolves.

Reviewed by siderite 6 / 10

Formulaic plot, not enough wolf and too much young girl who can't act

The plot of the movie is the same as many other films of the genre: child forms bond with animal, single parent needs to keep child happy, evil people hate animal. And that's fine. You just have to show enough of the (same) animal and have a compelling story. Unfortunately, the focus was mainly on the little girl, who couldn't act to save her life, and little on the wolf. You felt no connection between the wolf and the girl and you couldn't even form one with the wolf yourself, because they kept changing the actual animal, sometimes from an older one to a younger one!

So bottom line is that not enough focus was on the wolves or on the actual actors in the film. I love Tchéky Karyo, but he played in like three scenes in total. It isn't a completely bad movie, but I feel like it failed to achieve its purpose.

Reviewed by digitalbeachbum 1 / 10


Terrible script terrible acting terrible direction. Terrible voice overs. OMG this movie it terrible. The writing is awful. No body talks like these characters.

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