Vive la France

2013 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 5.8 10 3877

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Michaël Youn as Ferouz
José Garcia as Muzafar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Look away

If you want a sophisticated comedy, you are in the wrong place. Just as the french are in the wrong place, if you wanted France to be a beautiful country ... I'm just kidding of course and referring to something that the movie is trying to "tell" you! But if you are looking for a hidden message or a political agenda, you shouldn't bother. The movie just has fun with a lot of clichés.

Some of them might not be too far away from the truth (it's like saying Germans enjoy beer and so forth ... obviously not every German is drinking beer, but the general view is there, so it's considered a fact, you can turn it around another way if you wanted) or as close to clichés as possible to make fun of them. This movie is making fun of everybody, but is also trying to be as lovely as possible. It still doesn't hold back and has some surprises along the way ... especially towards the end.

Reviewed by leplatypus 10 / 10

Freedom of fun (rental)

Nowadays, we live in a paranoiac, oppressive world where contest, difference are either crimes or pretext to crush civil liberties. So it's very courageous from Mickael to do a comedy about oriental terrorists ! Actually at my knowledge, it's the only movie in the world with that thematic !

It's also a movie about France and his view is true : we are not a country but a collection of tribes speaking the same language. It's a bit an update of the « 3 Freres » because we can see the evolution of the country in 15 years : more cultural, more violent and as much rustic and intolerant…

In this background, Mickael delivers a great, funny movie. His girlfriend stays the same beauty and talented actress and for one time, Garcia is likable ! As usual, for the few true creative spirits, people tackles Mickael ! It's only his second movie, he does everything (writing, directing, casting, acting) and nobody likes it whereas he is the only one to make me laugh so often and so long ! It's true that he bites everything, everyone so i suppose that he can be bitten also ! In all cases, since « Morning live », he has my continuous support !

Reviewed by ericmarseille 7 / 10

Funny French comedy about terrorism, immigration, and (french) regionalism

Okay, there are for now two reviews about this film, a raving one, and a dumping one...I'd like to insert mine in the middle, and say this is a good comedy, very unequal though.

First, the plot : in a little central Asian country no one has ever heard of in the West, Tabulistan, the Great Leader is exasperated by his country's anonymity ; but his son, Yafaraz Weshmagül, has had a fine idea : commercial terrorism! Just bomb the most visited monument in the world, the Eiffel Tower, and the world will know at last about us! Two shepherds, half-brothers are recruited as martyrs, trained in french (hilarious), and voilà,off they're sent to France! Only of course they'll have plenty of problems, leading them to visit a few regions before reaching the target under the protection of a young female journalist, who sincerely believes they're refugees, and eventually getting infected by a surreptitious change of mind about killing innocent people and dying in the process.

Now there are some absolutely sublime moments in this film : all the scenes in Taboulistan are fantastic, the "tawa", the villagers morning dance, is to die for, the way the two shepherds negotiate their heavenly reward : " virgins, firstly, one never knows! secondly, they don't know how make good love, they don't know how make good food! we want OLDER women!" ; warning, however, the jokes rely also for a good chunk on a fine understanding of the french language, i.e. when little leader Weshmagül (there's a pun in his name BTW), who has chosen the code name "Alain Houellebecq" for the operation, asks his men to repeatedly scream his new name(get it?).

I would also put in the best moments the rugby match and the scene with the psycho kid from the suburbs, who's in charge of supplying the explosive.

But there are also quite a lot of unbalanced, or simply too caricaturing, or just unfunny stuff...Too bad.

Anyway the best in this film is so good (really!) that it's worth watching it once at least.

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