Wait Until Spring, Bandini



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Joe Mantegna as Bandini
Burt Young as Rocco
Michael Bacall as Arturo
Ornella Muti as Maria Bandini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kraemorr 6 / 10


This film seems well intentioned, but just doesn't give you anything but standard. The characters could've been more fleshed out. The script seems to only scratch the surface of these characters, there seems to be so much more to tell. Maybe that is because it was a novel first.

Michael Bacall's character has the best scenes, strangely Faye Dunaway and Joe Mantegna don't get given much to work with. The director Dominique Deruddere made an excellent film after this one called Suite 16 starring Pete Postlethwaite, but this one is just a bit bland.

Overall, this film has some good moments. I didn't mind watching it, but it won't stick in my mind.


Reviewed by patten 7 / 10

One of the best Belgian movies

This movie is one you have to see. It's not the movie stars who make the movie, but it's the way it's told. Maybe a bit slow, but with much passion and know-how.

Francis Ford Coppola's name is on the screen (I think in the beginning of the movie). I have read that if Mr Coppola connects his name to a movie, it means he really likes it.

Reviewed by dovindo-sibau 9 / 10

A wonderful Belgian movie

The way in which the film was made,between hope and despair, with a black and heavy atmosphere, telling a woman which accepts all from her husband by love for his children, convinced me. Ornella Mutti, which is one of the most known Italian actress, is beautiful as always in her role of wife, Faye Dunaway, older than usual, is the perfect image of the black widow and Joe Montagna gives all of himself as leading actor. In spite of the time spent between my first and only vision and my vote (more than 10 years) I always have in memory the course of the action, and that is the proof of the quality of film made by a Belgian director, and for Belgium is yet a success.

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