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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Wannabe comedy from Troma hits all the wrong notes

WAITRESS! is an early film put out by the Troma team of Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman before they hit on their winning bad taste formula with the likes of THE TOXIC AVENGER. This one's also a comedy, but it's a straight comedy, about some girls working as waitresses and having to contend with the whys and wherefores of the job.

An early plot strand sees one of the girls auditioning for a theatrical group and finding her audition less than successful. This part is very uninteresting and seems to have been included just to pad out the overlong running time. The film was shot in New York and successfully captures the hustle and bustle of big city life, but as a comedy it should really be funny and it never is. It seems to be going for the same vibe as KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE or ANIMAL HOUSE but never succeeds. As for the Troma staples, there is a little nudity here but none of the bad taste material you'd expect from the studio.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

More entertainingly lowbrow Troma comedy fun

Comedies made by Troma will certainly never win any awards for either sharp wit or exceptional subtlety, but boy are they usually enjoyable and amusing in an admittedly crude and stupid sort of way. This lively and breezy item is a good example of what I'm talking about: Sure, it's extremely dumb and decidedly bereft of any genuine artistic merit, but it still gets plenty of big laughs because it's so giddy, blatant, and unapologetic in its spirited inanity. Directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, working from a busy and loopy script by Charles Kaufman and Michael Stone, keep the movie barnstorming along at a constant zippy pace and deliver a nonstop barrage of gloriously moronic jokes with considerable rip-roaring energy (yep, we get the inevitable gags about a fly in the soup and spitting in the soap). The three female leads are charming and attractive: fetching brunette Carol Drake as sweet and determined aspiring actress Andrea, cute blonde Carol Bevar as naive hick chick reporter Jennifer, and the adorable Renata Hickey as feisty teen troublemaker Lindsey. The rest of the cast joyfully overact with tremendous enthusiasm, with especially praiseworthy contributions by Jim Harris as harried diner owner Jerry, Hunt Block as likable medical student Bill, Anthony John Denison as cocky hillbilly stud Moe, Ed Fenton as uptight Broadway producer Mr. Bellerman, and Augie Grompone as crazed drunken Russian chef Piebalt. Since this is a Troma picture, naturally there's a generous sprinkling of tasty female nudity. Lloyd Kaufman's surprisingly polished cinematography boasts plenty of snazzy visuals flourishes. The infectiously bouncy soundtrack likewise hits the get-down groovy spot. A total hoot.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 9 / 10

Great Fun!

By the humble standards of Troma, "Waitress!" is indeed great fun. The only reason I'm not giving the movie a 10/10 rating is that I thought it ran just a little bit too long. The problem, however, is what scenes could you cut? The movie is sheer fun, and it's funny, funny, funny all the way from the opening credits, almost to the very end. In addition to the hilarious script, the acting is excellent and the direction extremely well timed. Even production values hit a high mark in this Troma release and are anything but skimpy. Photography, editing, set design, sound recording and other credits are as smooth as you would expect from a grade "A" major studio production.

"Waitress!" is included in "The Sexy Box" DVD, along with three other Troma productions that don't come anywhere near the same standard. The worst is easily "Stuck On You!" which starts off on the wrong foot and manages to get worse and worse as it tumbles through history. Oops! "Tumbles" is the wrong word here. The totally unfunny scenario does anything but tumble. It moves with the speed of a convalescent snail.

Both "Squeeze Play!" and "The First Turn-On!" are mildly watchable and could even have been made reasonably entertaining with more astute acting, directing and especially editing,

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