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Malcolm McDowell as Evan Polus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by holcombes-87981 3 / 10


I'm legit wine drunk and I still think this is garbage. And I LIKE bad movies. Save yourself the trouble. Don't watch this.

Reviewed by crazedophelia 1 / 10

I literally joined IMDb just to say how much I hate this film.

I hate this film enough to download the IMDb app just to write this review.

That might not mean much to the average user being that you don't know anything else about me, aside from the fact that I really hate this film, but it's a real attestment to how bad this film is.

Reviewed by lifeofstas 2 / 10

don't bother

I have to say there aren't too many movies out there that are so bad that you have to keep watching until the end. The plot was quite predictable, the acting was horrendous, and the cinematography was barely up to par. I was also quite disappointed that Scott Eastwood, a man of a higher caliber, would accept a role and movie so diminishing to his career.

I basically wasted an hour and a half watching this.

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