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Alexa PenaVega as Paula Crisostomo
Michael Peña as Sal Castro
Laura Harring as Francis Crisostomo
Edward James Olmos as Julian Nava
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch 8 / 10

Compelling Historical Drama!

"Walkout" tells the story of the students in Los Angeles high schools in 1968, who stage a boycott of their schools in order to improve the quality of education for Chicanos. The film was skillfully directed by Edward James Olmos, who presents the story in a simple, direct way. There was an especially frank portrayal of the unacceptable educational standards in the schools attended by the young Chicano students.

The focal point of the story is the character Paula Crisostomo, an exceptional student, who risked her graduation to participate in the Lincoln High School walkout. A dedicated high school history teacher, Sal Castro, was instrumental in instilling idealism in his students, which resulted in their united efforts for a peaceful protest.

The film captured the passion of Paula in an emotionally-charged relationship with her parents, who strongly resist, but slowly come to understand, their daughter's activism. The entire cast, especially the young performers playing the students, was convincing as an effective ensemble in this fine film.

"Walkout" is another outstanding HBO project that tackles an important subject and provides an exceptionally high-caliber film. From 1968 to 1969, there was a substantial increase in enrollments of Chicano students in American universities, and this change was due to the consciousness raised by people like Paula Crisostomo and her teacher Sal Castro. In this film, Olmos and a superb cast deliver an important reminder about how a small group of young, passionate individuals have the potential to truly make a difference in their world.

Reviewed by ourfosterhome 9 / 10

Fantastic Movie: Moving

I was amazed that I never knew about this movement, I was in high school/ jr high in the late 80's - early 90's and this should have been a topic with in our US History text. We covered a small portion of the civil rights movement, a large amount with in the 1800's and nothing from the LA walkouts? My children and all children need to know about the strength people have had to make change, it's inspiring. Often people assume that only people hundreds of years ago made the sacrifices and changes, this was not that long ago and shows that people are able to accomplish anything together. I hope our children are as conscientious, caring and strong to stand up for what they believe is making a difference in the quality of the life in the world we share.

Reviewed by bengleson 10 / 10

powerful call to action

As I write this, students in France are opposing a terrible government initiative to rob them of their equal rights to employment. In my current elderly comfort, I occasionally forget that government and officials of all stripes can easily fall into the role of oppressor. The Chicano of East L.A. in the late sixties woke up from their sad lethargy. This film portrays the reason and the calm that they displayed in recognizing the unfairness of the masters of education, the evil abuse of authority by the police, the beaten down acceptance by some in the older generation.

This film will serve as an example of the level of civic responsibility that we are sometimes called on to display. Bravo.

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