Waltair Veerayya

2023 [TELUGU]

Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.0 10 5484

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Plot summary

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February 27, 2023 at 03:45 AM


Top cast

Shruti Haasan as Sridevi
Ravi Teja as ACP Vikram Sagar IPS
Chiranjeevi as Waltair Veerayya
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nadkarnisumeet 6 / 10

90s masala reloaded!!

Waltair Veerayya review:

The latest Chiranjeevi masala entertainer brought back fond memories of his two successful Hindi ventures - Pratibandh (1990) and Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj (1992). The claps and whistles in the single screen I visited were still intact for the ageless megastar who shines in the titular role of a dubious fisherman with a tragic past..

Indeed, at sixty seven years, Chiru still looks convincing beating his brawny opponents to pulp as well as romancing a girl half his age (Shruti Haasan). The megastar pulls it off and how!!

Admittedly, the plot and execution is rooted in the '90s and might feel largely over the top for 2023. But its still fun to watch and most importantly, packs in all the ingredients you crave for in a commercial movie. There is action, there is emotion, there is bromance, there is a love angle and there is an item song. Yup, Urvashi Rautela pops up to shake a hip with megastar Chiru while Shruti Haasan gets some high octane action sequences apart from the routine song and dance.

The icing on the cake comes immediately post interval when the title reads Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and the star makes a spectacular entry carrying a small goat. By the way, that goat shows more emotions than what our very own Arjun Kapoor displayed in his latest flop called Kuttey!!

Ravi and Chiru's scenes are the movie's highlight and the penultimate one will give goosebumps to their fans. Special mention of the action scene just before the interval with the megastar atop an elephant. That was truly a 'taalimaar' moment!!

All in all, Waltair Veerayya is worth your ticket price. Provided you have an appetite for the masala entertainers of yore. Mega and Mass fans obviously cannot miss it!!

Regards, Sumeet Nadkarni.

Reviewed by padisarala 10 / 10

blockbuster and full entertainment

Movie is a festival feast. Ind blowing direction. It's a Tsunami. Megastar action, comedy, dance and fights OMG it's a amazing experience. Afetr a long time, felt that I watched a good movie. Watching 2 times already. It is wroth wathcing.

Bobby direction from the beginning, production values and sentiment everything is amazing. Comedy scenes from chiranjeevi are highlight. The interval fight and dialogues btween Ravi Teja nd MEgstart are relaly good. Ravi Teja energy is added value to the movie. But Megastar action simply amazing. What a movie. IT is a good lesson to people who are writing negative reviews. But no on ecan stop a good movie.

Reviewed by surajgorti 6 / 10

Waltair veerayya - The Sankranthi winner

While the Sankranthi festival plays a crucial role in the Telugu calanders, so does the movies released in this duration. As everyone's set free and each want themselves to get entertained so, these film enthusiasts prefer watching films in theatre. And the films released are mostly made for the masses so, one cant expect a film with good content. You either have to enjoy the film with the fans or prefer to watch it in the ott.

Now coming to this year's release, waltair veerayya starring, Chiranjeevi, Shruthi hassan, rajendra prasad, Bobby simha and others, is a highly recommend movie for the fans and can assure that it'll definitely be an action ride to them. Director K. S Ravindra aka Bobby directed this movie with his own style. Such fanboy movies doesn't only attract the Audience, it remains in their mind for a long time. Same happened with waltair veerayya. The high rise scenes of Chiranjeevi, his comedy timing will definitely gets registered. Also the attempt to bring the vintage chiru back, can be seen. Genuinely saying, the people from the late 80s will like this movie more Than the gen z. Because of bringing back the vintage chiru, as I earlier said.

Coming to the story

Veerayya a person who runs an ice factory, gets into trouble with ACP Vikram Sagar. What actually led to the confrontations, and to know who the antagonist is, needs to be watched.

Performance by the cast was good, moreover it being a mega star's movie leads to his domination. The wishes of many people to see the vintage chiru has been fulfilled by Bobby. The first half was filled with some gags and some unintended puns. While, some people may not find these sequences joyous. Shruthi Hassan did well and the role actually suited her. And entering into the interval sequence, to my utter surprise, it was an ecstatic experience. The mass fight scene and the fiery bgm by Rockstar DSP need to be appreciated. Kudos to them. Overall the first half ends with a good bang.

Second half picks the pace with mass Maharaja Ravi Teja entrance.

The song 'poonakalu loading' is a feast to the fans. To watch their heroes dancing, the audience may start skaking their legs. And nothing keeps the audience engaging, except the fights and confrontations between the protagonist and the antagonist.

The dialogues and the punch lines were very well written and aptly suits to the role of chiru.

The VFX was not at all tolerable and entirely dirturbs the mood. I felt it could've been improved. Another point to be added , is the weak climax, It felt as if I'm watching baaghi 3 .

To be very honest, there's nothing else to be pointed out, except this.

Coming to the conclusion

Waltair Veerayya is a perfect Sankranti film. Don't keep your expectations high, just watch it with the masses . You will enjoy the film for sure.

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