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Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1185

woman director paranoia romania

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Top cast

Maika Monroe as Julia
Burn Gorman as Watcher / Weber
Karl Glusman as Francis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drownnnsoda 7 / 10

Nervy take on a well-worn concept

"Watcher" follows Julia, an American who moves to Bucharest with her husband, Francis. While Francis is fluent in the language--his mother is Romanian--Julia is not, and struggles with the language barrier. Even worse, she also finds herself being watched by a man in the adjacent apartment building, and comes to believe that not only is he stalking her, but that he is a serial killer.

It goes without saying that "Watcher" is playing with a familiar concept--this is a premise we have seen in a large number of films, most famously in Hitchcock's "Rear Window," but "Watcher" also pays respects to Roman Polanski's "apartment" films, most notably (and effectively) "The Tenant" (the other two being "Rosemary' Baby" and "Repulsion"). What makes it stand out, however, is that it is well-acted, visually elegant, and at times throttling in its suspense. There are a number of scenes in this film that (no pun intended) grab you by the throat.

"Watcher" is the breed of film that toes the line regarding whether or not the fears and paranoias of the protagonist are legitimate, or the product of something else, but director Chloe Okuno telegraphs it intelligently by positioning the audience in tandem with Julia--as we watch her sink into her isolation, we are isolated alongside her--and it is because of this that her fears play out as believable, despite her husband's skepticism. The writing here is both subtle and smart, and there are a few key moments that are as dislocating to the viewer as they are to the protagonist; the screenplay is multi-pronged in a way that makes the audience question not what they are seeing, but rather, what it is indicative of. Julia's disconnect from the language only helps to reinforce a sense of suffocation, and the gloomy, rain-soaked Art Deco architecture of the city only amplifies the sense of unease.

Of course, none of this would work without a believable lead, and Maika Monroe plays this character very effectively. Burn Gorman is also extremely effective as the mysterious creep across the way. The film's finale, though tense, is still fairly downbeat (which is the status quo in this film), but it offers enough grand guignol to be memorable and shocking. In the end, while "Watcher" is not necessarily revelatory, it is a well-crafted, nervy take on a well-worn concept. There are some standout moments in this film that make it worth watching for any genre fan. 7/10.

Reviewed by stevendbeard 6 / 10

Hints Of Rear Window

I saw Watcher, starring Maika Monroe-Independence Day:Resurgence, It Follows; Karl Glusman-Nocturnal Animals, The Neon Demon and Burn Gorman-the Pacific Rim movies, Game of Thrones_tv.

This is a thriller that has hints of Rear Window. Maika and Karl are a married couple that move to Bucharest-where Karl is from-for Karls' job. They get an apartment and while Karl is working all day, Maika spends time shopping or looking out her window. She notices Burn-across the street from their apartment-seems to be watching her. She goes to the movies or the grocery store and he follows her. He never makes contact with her but just follows her. Maika and Karl hear about a serial killer that is attacking women in the area-decapitating them-and Maika jumps to the conclusion that it is Burn. Is it him? Or is she just being paranoid or imagining it? That's what everyone keeps telling her. To be honest, she does do some dumb things, like following Burn-alone-into buildings instead of calling for someone to go with her. The ending is pretty predictable, too.

It's rated R for bloody violence, language and sexual content-including nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour& 31 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD but it would be alright as a rental.

Reviewed by FeastMode 3 / 10


This movie starts off so slow, taking forever before anything interesting or intriguing happens. Then when it finally does, we get our first dose of many idiotic decisions that make it difficult to care for the character. We see more annoying tropes and very little payoff in this slog of a movie. (1 viewing, opening Thursday 6/2/2022)


Was anyone else annoyed by the extensive amount of dialogue in Romanian without subtitles? I understand they are trying to make us feel as isolated as the character feels, but it's aggravating.

When the first "scary" moment happens in the grocery store, I'm thinking she's perfectly safe here in the open with people around. But she decides to go into a poorly lit backroom with no one around. And even after knowing there is a serial killer on the loose, she repeatedly walks alone down a dark alley. I know they are trying to build tension, but you can't do that at the expense of the character's credibility.

Then we get a HEAVY dose of one of the most annoying tropes in thrillers and especially in horror: the boyfriend/husband doesn't believe her. He starts off seeming very supportive, to the point where he suggests going to look at the footage from the grocery store. But he throws her under the bus and claims she's the one staring at him, when we haven't seen anything to warrant this conclusion.

He spends the rest of the movie being the worst husband ever. By the time we reach the climax, I cared so little about the lead character (I can't even remember her name) and hated the husband so much that I really wanted her to die just so he feels like a piece of garbage. I don't think that was the intention of these filmmakers.

The ending is laughable. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure slicing the carotid artery doesn't prevent you from breathing or screaming. Then she crawls towards the gun and plays dead. Once he leaves she gets the gun and shoots him. But why would she play dead in the first place? She could have easily reached the gun before that. What if he stabbed her more or cut off her head?

And apparently he didn't slice the carotid artery, otherwise she would be dead in minutes. Apparently he sliced a different artery that gushes large amounts of blood but doesn't kill you. Give me a break, movie.

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