Water Gate Bridge

2022 [CHINESE]

Action / Drama / History

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Reviewed by trademarklife 1 / 10

Laughable and one of the worst action flick iv seen in a long time

What a wreck of a movie.. Acting is terrible, war scenes are all over the place and make no sense at all.

This movie clearly exhibits what China is good in, copy pasting western movies and add their BS propaganda.. Waste of time, not recommend.

Reviewed by Aquila_Galaxy 1 / 10

Too bad to be accepted.

In China, anyone insulting martyr is likely to be put into prison. But this one has priviledge not to do so.

This one's too illogical double-standarded and ridiculous illogical.

Reviewed by biggerheart 6 / 10

action, emotion, more action, more emotion, and repeat

This war movie bounces between action scenes and emotional scenes. Much like other movies in the ww2 era, guns, grenades, bloods, and tears.

It might sound dull for an artwork. However, for front line soldiers in a war, the battleground might not be much different. Fight, mourn, fight more, mourn more, ... If this movie manages to show that two hours of that is already kind of boring, how about two weeks, two months, two years, or two decades in real life and in fear?

Disclosure: I am a pacifist who has spent an equal amount of adult life in both of the throat-cutting states in this movie.

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