We Grew Up Here


Drama / Music

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Reviewed by acoolcity 10 / 10

Excellent Metaphor on Grief

Entirely developed and created by a novice team of writers, directors and producers, WGUH is truly a gem that you must see. It demonstrated a depth of film that is profoundly revealed by digging deep into the very fabric of its compelling metaphor of how to deal with loss. The deeper you dig, the more gems you discover. Each layer reveals something unique about the main character's search for his past and his desperate desire to confront the present. This movie made me laugh and it made me cry! Despite the limited budget, this is definitely not a B-grade movie. The cinematography was incredible. The music was powerful and moving. It was in true harmony with the tone of the storyline as if the screen and the music were dancing together during a storm of conflict. The video editing was quality. There were times that the sound seemed to need some adjustment - but overall was very balanced. The majority of the actors were truly remarkable in their roles. Most outstanding in my opinion was Eric Michaels. He deserves some type of award for his first-ever film role. Eric brought to life an impressive portrayal of the agonizingly tortured Liam Graham in search of his missing girl friend and his lost hometown. I couldn't stop watching and was profoundly mesmerized by his amazing performance. Every moment of this film will keep your attention and builds to an astounding conclusion. I put this film in the same category of the compelling struggles presented in the Academy Award winning "Silver Linings Playbook". Watch WGUH once and you'll want to watch it again!

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