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Reviewed by laduqesa 1 / 10

I couldn't even watch it to the end

I had such hopes for this after all the fabulous reviews and comments I had seen. When I started to watch, I realised that this was not going to relate to anything to do with my life and priorities at all. Within 20 minutes I was getting bored, after 35, I had had enough.

This might (and clearly does) cater for a section of gay men who are on a particular scene. Unfortunately, they are the ones with the loudest voices and the most votes here. For the rest of us, it's an irrelevant load of pretension. I mean, nothing at all goes on, just continual talking about things that don't matter to anyone else.

It's simply awful. I saw comments that straight people wouldn't want to see this. I can understand that completely. It's a crying shame that loads of gay guys would not want to either, or if they did, they are keeping their heads down about not having liked it.

Reviewed by ohlabtechguy 9 / 10

Profoundly intimate love story!!!

Just saw this on Youtube...had seen Tom Cullen on DA previously and wow....what a different role. "Weekend" is the most intimate and realistic love story I've seen in a movie. The two central characters are shown getting to know one another in the most intimate and realistic ways...lounging side by side in bed engaged in much soft conversation....and just hanging out in Russell's flat....discussing deeply personal topics. They are also shown writhing in bed, enjoying their physical/sexual connection as if it was to be their last sexual encounter. Right from their chance meeting in a gay bar, Glen and Russ never put on any airs towards one another. They were as relaxed next to each other as two kindred spirits who had known and lived with each other for decades. I was surprised at the level of their personal "partying"...and was a bit concerned that this "habit" might become a problem for them in the future. But they were both lovable all the same. I was rooting for them to be happy together all the way through.

Reviewed by Paul Creeden 10 / 10

It holds true.

I was surprised to see that I had not commented on this film here. I recently watched it for a third or fourth time on Netflix. I am not someone who watches things over and over. I like fresh bread more than toast.

This film is different. It is an outstanding glimpse into the lives of real people. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a documentary about two male lovers that could be as honest. Tom Cullen harnessed the pain of practiced loneliness, armored with honesty. Chris New had the ability to act out a shamelessly spoiled narcissism which is neither mean nor entirely selfish. These two personalities together, trying to coexist in love and passion, capture an essential element of gay male dating life.

Few films strike me as timeless. I am too old and cynical. But this film represents a timeless interaction between two struggling souls who wish to reach out from their comfortable loneliness. This is a common gay-male struggle which has survived liberation and gay marriage politics.

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