Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Back by Five



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Jon Cryer as Daniel
Frank Whaley as Skee-Ball Weasel
Eugene Byrd as Teenage Friend
Judy Reyes as Waitress

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by topo872 9 / 10

A little gem of a movie that deserves to be discovered

Went To Coney Island On A Mission From God, Be Back By Five- Terrific Drama/comedy written, produced and co-starring Jon Cryer about a trio of friends in New York city that have known each other since childhood. They have lost touch as they became adults as often happens until one day two of them get news that the third is homeless and living in Coney Island. so the two take off from work "on a mission from God" (their code to play hooky from school as kids) to find their friend. So the stage is set for a journey of friendship and discovery as we see how these grown men have faced adulthood and its challenges, or more importantly, run from them. We experience their childhood through a series of flashbacks from which we gleam information that directly impacts the present day narrative such as that their missing friend may not have been heterosexual, though they knew him as a ladies man and how this led to a huge tragedy in his life. This kind of movie is hard to pull off and could easily fall into Hollywood schmaltz with a lot of weeping and teary-eyed falsehoods. But this movie avoids all that and keeps a rather hard edge at all times. Understanding that the subject matter is serious and never makes fun of its characters, or looks down on them to pull at your heart strings. The terrific acting goes a long, long way to make this all work with kudos to Cryer who essays the less flashy role of the nebbish. Newcomer Rick Steer is really good as well as his angry, alcoholic friend who has tried to hang onto their youth for all these years. Rafeal Baez is very good as the lost friend too, in a difficult role, having to play both repression and mental illness without over doing it. he does a fine job. Ione Skye is on board in a supporting role and it is always nice to see her too. Overall this is a little gem of a movie that has for some reason been overlooked for almost ten years now. Time to rectify that situation.

Reviewed by amy-112 10 / 10

Atmospheric, Emotional, Independent

WENT TO CONEY ISLAND...is the story of two adult best friends (Cryer and newcomer Rick Stear) who go looking for a high school buddy who is long missing and believed to be homeless. Their search brings them to Coney Island in March--a bleak, overcast landscape symbolizing their bygone youth and abandoned dreams.

The cinematography is stunning--the cloudy and captivating blues and grays of late winter. The atmospheric mise-en-scene plays a primary role in the film. The paint peeling, abandoned amusements, the deserted rides--all carry the hollow loneliness of a ghost town. Coney Island is frightening and glorious in all it's kitschy Americana run-down splendor!

The search for the lost pal takes the friends to the freak show, skeeball parlor, bumper cars, and under the boardwalk. When at last they find him, they are forced to grapple with taking action to help him treat his mental illness, and to help themselves out of the ruts (dead end jobs, alcoholism) that they have sunk to. The dialogue is rhythmic, humorous, and authentic.

Baez plays the homeless friend, Richie, with sensitivity. Rick Stear as Stan, the alcoholic, makes a passionate film debut. Pop-culture icon Jon ("Duckie") Cryer takes a serious turn as Daniel.

The flashback to the boys' "glory days" in a high school garage band--covering Adam and the Ants "AntMusic" (!)--is worth the price of admission!

It's refreshing to see a film that is well-written, socially conscious, and emotionally relevant. It is a far cry from the tired Hollywood "formula." I encourage all film-lovers to see it.

Reviewed by LeiterMets 9 / 10

Can't believe didn't get recognition

What an incredibly subtle yet poignant and worthwhile film. I couldn't believe how much it made me think and I liked it more and more after I saw it. Stunning visuals, as they are not technically brilliant, but more give the absolute perfect mood that is needed. Rick Stear is excellent, and I am surprised he hasn't done more. Overall, just a well-done movie. 9.5 out of 10.

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