What a Way to Go!


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 7 10 4243

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Paul Newman as Larry Flint
Dick Van Dyke as Edgar Hopper
Teri Garr as Dancer in Shipboard Number
Shirley MacLaine as Louisa May Foster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gftbiloxi 7 / 10

Fun, Froth, and What Will She Wear Next?

To describe WHAT A WAY TO GO as an ultra-light 1960s confection would be an understatement: frothy, foolish, and seeking no more than to be mildly entertaining, it is a classic of its kind and of its era.

The plot is episodic. When multi-millionaire Louisa May Foster tries to give away her money she finds herself slapped onto a psychiatrist's couch--where she details the story of a little girl from the wrong side of the tracks who was only interested in marrying for love. But as fate would have it, every husband she touched turned to gold, and their successes spelled finish to the marriage in no uncertain terms, with each widowhood leaving Louisa even more fabulously wealthy than before. What's a poor little rich girl to do? The charm here is in the cast and the production values. Although she offered considerably more in her most celebrated films, Shirley MacLaine had a remarkable way with light comedy, and she pulls out all the stops as the eternal widow, at times sassy, at times silly, but never less than completely watchable. Her unlikely co-stars--Dean Martin, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Gene Kelly, Robert Cummings and (in her final film) the amazing Margaret Dumont--are also up to the task.

The humor is both obvious and sly, lampooning various rags-to-riches (or in one case riches-to-riches) stereotypes with a wink, a nod, and now and then an unexpectedly sophisticated bit of wit. The film works best when it gently mocks both itself and the more obvious cinematic conventions of its day, as when Louisa recalls each of her marriages with the words "it was like one of those movies where..." Everything from silent film to musicals gets a poke, and over-budgeted romantic blockbusters suddenly become considerably more comic than you'd ever imagine.

The production values are first rate, and to say there is always something to look at on the screen would be an understatement: they are deliberately and often deliciously over the top--and often as amusing as the performances. (The "Lush Budget" sequence, in which MacLaine changes gowns every few seconds, is particularly witty.) True, the movie is a no-brainer, but it is a fun one. Only a sour-puss could resist! Recommended.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer

Reviewed by Lumiere-5 9 / 10

All she wants is love, all she gets is money!

This is a great film. Some have said it epitomizes the 1960s glamour comedies but what it cleverly does is parody them, and other film genres, through its movie dream sequences and the ridiculous and gorgeous costumes Shirley wears. It has a great cast and everyone is in top tongue in cheek form. Dick Van Dyke plays his usual neo-Marx brothers physical comedy schtick (with Margaret DuMont, no less!) at the height of his powers. Paul Newman is great playing against type as a tortured artist, a perfect sendup of Kirk Douglas' portrayal of Van Gough in *Lust for Life* (he even wears the same beard). Mitchum is suave and cool as a kind of Cash McCall gone wrong, but far more slick then Jim Garner ever was. To top it off, Gene Kelley does an incredible spot on parody of himself in the Holywood story, with iconic images taken straight from his greatest triumph *Singing in the Rain,* turned on their head and twisted into a grotesque commentary on the evils of Hollywood as opposed to its dreams and glamour. The scene where he is trampled to death by his fans holds up a hilarious mirror to the similar scene in *Singing in the Rain* where he has his clothes torn off by them. This film elevated parody to a high art form before anybody had even heard the term "post modernism!" And those gowns she wears! The best one is the one which is just a string of pearls down Shirley's sexy back (she faces away from the camera for the shole scene because she is obviously topless). They must have cost a fortune! this is obviously a film with a very Lush Bugett!

Reviewed by marcosaguado 8 / 10

Delirium Tremens of the loveliest kind

Oh yes, absolutely. Just go to the movies to see a flick done with all the nerve in the world and for what? "To make a buck" I have an idiot sitting next to me, he is the pseudo intellectual who killed movies like this. I envy my parent's generation, as far as movie going habits are concerned. Doris Day comedies and Belle de Jour. Tell me who could be so unself conscious today to make "What a Way To Go" for what it is. The world has changed so much, women, us, that it would be impossible not to make it feel satirical,"Down with loveish" "What a Way to go" maybe satirical in its own way but it's not self conscious. If we cold only disconnect the micro chip implanted in our brains during the 70's we could have a wider spectrum of our lives without passing judgment, learning or re learning to enjoy. Shirley Mac Laine is priceless. Adorable. Superb. Paul Newman, lovely and very funny. Robert Mitchum plays it hysterically straight. The Gene Kelly episode has a life all of its own. Robert Cummings plays Robert Cummings beautifully as usual. Dean Martin plays himself and a softer version of himself, Dick Van Dike plays a sort of Rob Petrie who wants to simplify. Directed by J Lee Thompson, a Brit, with "Guns of Navarone" to his credit. He had signed a few odd gems like "Woman in a Dressing Gown", "Tiger Bay" and "Return from the Ashes". I thought I mention that. Listen to me, disconnect the micro chip, lay back and enjoy!

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