What Every Frenchwoman Wants

1986 [FRENCH]


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based on novel or book incest virgin masturbation softcore

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Reviewed by erostew 9 / 10

Light-Hearted Sexy Fun

Just a quick little review for this enjoyable little film. It's a rather strange hybrid of an Italian sex comedy. The cast is quite international with quite a large French complement and it was a France/Italy co-production. This perhaps explains some of the differences to other films in the genre.

The sets and costumes are marvelous and authentic. Lovely cinematography. The writing is terrific. Very light and funny with some slapstick and farcical elements. Plenty of sexy spice in there as well.

The cast is quite talented with a lovely female contingent and the men are good at adding comic relief without trying to hog the spotlight. The male lead is pretty perfect casting. Young and appealing enough to make a believable young "Don Juan" rather than the usual aging Lothario.

This movie is funny and sexy without being sleazy. It's the kind of movie that I would like to see more of. In the current Disney dominated Hollywood sex is expected to be hidden away in case it corrupts our morals. The people who do "erotic" films today have to work with a low budget and seem to think sex on film has to be dirty and shocking and explicit to make an impression. Some of those "dirty" movies are quite good but mostly they're just bad.

Ok rant over. I can honestly recommend this movie to anybody that doesn't think sex is bad and who likes to laugh.

Reviewed by Falconeer 7 / 10

Beautifully filmed coming of age tale

"Exploits of A Young Don Juan" is very unique, in that it's a softcore erotic film where the main character is a boy instead of a girl/woman. When the men must leave the picturesque Italian countryside to fight in WW1, 16 year old Roger is left behind, with a house full of lonely women! The film takes place in a beautiful old mansion, and the sets and period costumes are all top notch. Truly this is a gorgeous looking production. The character Roger is cute and likable enough, and there are many silly, light moments. Especially towards the films conclusion, when it is discovered that he has unwittingly impregnated all the women in the house, including some servants! Don Juan, (AKA The Initiation) could have used a bit more serious, dramatic moments, but it seems like the director was going for something light and sweet. The film is a success, and I'm surprised it isn't well-known. As it stands this is an extremely rare title, almost impossible to find. While not as graphic as films like "Emmanuelle" there is a bit of nudity and a lot of sexual innuendo. But never for a moment does it become sleazy, or low-brow entertainment. This reminded me of an American film, "A Night In the Life of Jimmy Reardon," starring River Phoenix, also from 1987. It is worth tracking down.

Reviewed by jadavix 4 / 10

What do you call a porno without sex and hardly any nudity?

"L'iniziazione" - and try saying that title three times fast - is allegedly a softcore, erotic flick, which is actually based on a pornographic novel by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire. What's funny is that there's no real attempt at eroticism in the movie. There is some nudity, but it's incidental, and never shot to arouse or even be the focus of the shot.

There's also no sex. Characters have sex, yes, but the action cuts to afterwards, so we don't get to see.

The main character also isn't particularly likeable. He's a prop, like any male character in a porno film, there to have sex. But since the movie has no sex, he just wanders haplessly through it.

The movie's only real source of life or interest is the beautiful Virginie Ledoyen, here in her film debut at only nine years old. She lights up the camera. The movie should have been shot through her eyes.

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