What Happens in Vegas


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 162097


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Krysten Ritter as Kelly
Lake Bell as Tipper
Cameron Diaz as Joy McNally
Ashton Kutcher as Jack Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Terryfan 7 / 10

Stays In Vegas

Despite some bad rap this film is not really bad it just needs to be watch to understand.

What Happens In Vegas centers around Joy McNally (Played by Cameron Diaz) who travels to Las Vegas after being dumped by her fiancé Mason (Played by Jason Sudeikis) with her best friend Tipper (Played by Tipper)

Where the same time Jack Fuller (Played by Ashton Kuctcher) and Hater (Played by Rob Corddy) his best friend and Lawyer after Jack was fired by his boss/father Jack Fuller Sr (Played by Treat Williams). Unaware Joy and Jack ended up in the same room and end up after a one night stand getting married and when Jack used her quarter to win 3 million dollars. The Judge order them to make their marriage or they will never seen a dime of the money.

Which of course leads up to a series of events in the marriage.

Now the story is interesting and in a way original considering plus they have several creative humor in the film which makes you roll on the floor laughing and find yourself repeating.

Ashton and Cameron make for a interesting on screen couple through out the film and they do very well with making us laugh. Lake makes for a interesting best friend as does Rob.

The songs used in the film work as well as it helps the story in terms of story telling. The film is just not a classic but it is not a bad one either it is just one you have to watch to understand.

It has a original plot with some good performance from Ashton and Cameron so if you're curious give it a try.

I give What Happens In Vegas an 7 out of 10

Reviewed by Enchorde 7 / 10

Good comedy indeed!

Recap: Both Joy and Jack has seen better days. Joy just got dumped by her fiancée, in front of all their friends, and Jack just got fired, by his father. They both go to Vegas to forget their miseries and after a drunken night out end up married, by mistake. But a 3 million dollar lottery prize complicates matter. But instead of giving them an annulment the judge orders them to stay married for six months, in order to get a part of the money. Now a bitter feud start where they try to sabotage for each other in order to get all the money for themselves.

Comments: A Hollywood blockbuster that actually works pretty well. It is funny, quirky and even if the main concept are unoriginal it has its own little fresh twists and turns. It got some really good jokes, and manages to hold a high level throughout the entire movie. It isn't just some small and few jokes that are funny, it is actually constantly funny. The best part however, is actually just after the story really ended, when they show what really happened in Vegas. Stay put and don't miss it, it got some good scenes after the credits too.

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz might seem like an odd match, but they work really well together. They really work as a pair, but don't forget that they both are solid comedians, veterans in these types of movies. And they certainly don't disappoint. But the supporting cast should get their credit too. The movies wouldn't be the same, not nearly as good without their partners in crime, played by Lake Bell and Rob Corddry.

I guess that this is something that almost everyone can enjoy, a perfect movie when there are different tastes. I suspect that most people out there will find this funny, because it is very well made, even though it is not an epic classic.


Reviewed by franchiglen 6 / 10

Decently Entertaining

I am in the majority, with the masses on this one. Many reviews for this movie where truly awful, but I had heard decent reviews from "normal" people. Once again, critics have proved the sheer cynicism of their professional title.

This movie was very enjoyable on many levels, and I caught myself smiling at numerous scenes. Now that being said, this is in no way a classic romantic comedy. The pros of this movie had to have been the SURPRISINGLY good acting and chemistry displayed by Kutcher and Diaz. However, the bland and generic storyline prevents any special movie blossoming.

I use one rule when trying to gauge a particular "middle of the road" film like this one. Would I buy it? The acting and humor are good enough for me to watch repeatedly, but the plot is more predictable than a win for the opponent playing against the Detroit Lions. For me, this would not be a buy, but if you have a significant other this would be a thoughtful gift that wouldn't make you suffer at all.

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