What Is a Woman?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by generationofswine 10 / 10

An Honest Review

Watch IMDB take down all the positive reviews.

In Transhood, a pro Trans-Ideology "documentary," IMDB took down all the reviews that weren't glowing. As of today, 6/3/2022, there are only three reviews despite the 1.1K votes.

But that was a pro-Trans documentary and IMDB didn't like all the fact reviewers pointed out little boys were literally telling their mothers that they didn't want to be little girls, and mothers being praised for forcing their kids to make statements about their gender in front of what looked like church communities in a manner that was clearly against their will.

And now we have the opposite. And there was even a DDOS attack to take it down.

No one, at least no one in America, no one on the left could answer the question.

Africa, everyone he asked there could answer it.

In the US you had conversations like:

"Only a woman can tell you want a woman is." "Are you a Cat?" "No." "Can you tell me what a cat is?" "This interview is over,"

And honestly that is about par for the course. Abortion protests are for women's rights and no one at the protest can define it. The same people are making gendered arguments over why Johnny Depp should be guilty despite the court ruling, just as they are claiming that gender doesn't exist.

It shines a light on the rhetorical insanity that is controlling America at the moment. The rhetorical contradictions that are allowing people to give the same drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders to children while praising the adults that did it for their bravery.

And, honestly, I wouldn't have even watched it if there wasn't a DDOS attack to take it down.

Reviewed by jerrycoliver 9 / 10

An Actual Documentary

So, its fairly well produced, it looks good (certainly comparable to other documentaries out there.) All of the technical aspects of the film are in order. Nothing truly stands out as exceptional, but everything is very much professional.

From an approach perspective, it really is more of a documentary than most "documentaries" in that, the main character (Matt Walsh) is asking questions to try and understand the opposing opinion. Most "Documentaries" have a side and then only interview supporting perspectives of the thesis. In this case, Walsh actually interviews the opposing side a lot. For that reason alone, this a more honest documentary. Now, fair-is-fair, I don't like the subject of documentaries to be the documentarian. I believe that would classify it as more journalistic or activist (a-la, Moore or Spurlock.) But it is a common documentary style.

That said, I guess we get into the meat of it and why people love it or hate it. As before mentioned, there is a lot of exchanges with opposing view points, and those view points did not make strong arguments. Did Walsh interview the actual leading experts on the subjects? Maybe, maybe not. They do have considerable credibility, but Walsh himself is by no means an expert in the field, so even if the people he's interviewing are not the leaders, it's not like it's an unfair fight.

I think if you're for or against this subject matter, it's probably a good film to watch. It's always good to know what the opposing arguments are, but for some reason this topic people get very passionate about. From a purely creative standpoint, I think it's great, not exceptional, but if you like documentaries, it's going to be one of the best ones this year.

Reviewed by drael64 9 / 10

Worth Watching

This documentary is affecting. It starts with emotions of confusion, humor and fascination, and journey's deep into a place of disturbance and despair. It has some mild trolling at the start, but it genuinely gives everyone a chance to speak and doesn't have any dishonest cuts. It handles a topic that's managed to become controversial in maybe the last five years. But it also asks questions, that no matter where you stand we should be asking if we really care about people - are the procedures successful outcomes? Are there lasting after effects or issues? Are we influencing people and in what ways? Do children have a clear sense of self and consent?

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