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2020 [GERMAN]


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Elyas M'Barek as Niklas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by praescaio-98335 8 / 10

Slow, sad, but beautiful

I enjoyed the movie, but it will not be a crowd pleaser. The movie is very slow, and does not have a clear direction when it moves.

The story is about a couple that is unsuccessfully trying to conceive and decides to take a break a go on vacation. What happens onwards is very human and relatable. It is not a feel good movie, but I felt enriched after watching it.

The scenes are beautiful and aptly convey feelings. The takes have a beautiful photography, and the movie overall is Oscar material.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Not another Holiday movie

No just because Elyas M'Barek is in this, it does not mean it is a comedy. Or a movie that can be compared to fast food. He tries his acting chops in a drama and does a decent job with it. Not just him though, all the actors involved. Now this may not be your cup of tea (fair enough), but try not to just judge it from what you expected this to be (your vacations video apparently as another reviewer had in mind), but for what it is actually trying to convey.

This is a drama and a heavy one. Slow burn and all that included. The movie is very well made, which does not mean you will have to like it. Our tastes differ, so I totally get that. But the quality of what the movie is actually about (human crisis, look into what drives the characters, but also many subtle hints at flaws within them), is shown on the screen. Sex and nudity in general is not something Germans or the rating board seem to have an issue with, so check your rating board and decide if what this portrays (and not to entice or excite but show depths of the characters and their struggle) offends you

Reviewed by eduardo-brigolini 10 / 10


A wonderfull film about difficult times in life that we all go through. All couples who try and fail to have children should watch this movie. Excellent interpretations with impeccable cinematography. A devastating film.

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