What's So Bad About Feeling Good?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10

An extended sitcom episode...so, what's so bad about that?

Exchange Mary Tyler Moore here for Marlo Thomas and you'd have the makings of a good two-part episode of "That Girl". As a feature film, however, "What's So Bad..." seems a little twee--and if the topic of a euphoric virus is supposed to be symbolic, any modern references towards getting high or living as we did in a previous era barely register (it's just too silly). Beatniks in Greenwich Village come across a mysterious Toucan who arrived in New York Harbor via a Greek freighter. Seems the bird spreads an extremely contagious "happiness bug," sending all the cynical, jaded drop-outs into the streets with their instruments and brooms. They dance on the rooftops to Frank DeVol's music, and it's breezy and corny, perfect for connoisseurs of '60s sitcoms. Unfortunately, a 'realistic' angle is dropped in, as mayor John McMartin and his cronies become fearful that all this lightheartedness will reduce sales in cigarettes and alcohol! They take refuge in a fallout shelter and work on getting an antibody which will turn everybody back into their old rotten selves. Forgotten Universal comedy has some big laughs--and gives us a marvelously gregarious George Peppard in the bargain!--but the handling is too flimsy for any sort of insight, and the second-half drags its feet. Supporting cast is filled with familiar faces (plus Thelma Ritter in a cameo), and the location shooting is very good, even if the cinematography is muddy and the direction flat. ** from ****

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 4 / 10

A Labored, One-Joke Farce

Beyond its attractive, feathered hero and a surprise appearance by Thelma Ritter (her last as it happens) as a woman in the hospital's waiting room, "What's So Bad About Feeling Good?" actually has very little to recommend it even to the most desperate entertainment-seeker.

In this labored farce, seemingly endless variations on its one joke are tirelessly milked to extinction.

True, Dom De Luise, when he finally appears on the scene, does liven things up considerably. But is it worth waiting for Dom through a boring hour with pallid George Peppard and tiresome Mary Tyler Moore? Even the New York locations and a Vic Mizzy score fail to overcome the ennui produced by a combination of dull writing and charmless leads.

Reviewed by SimonJack 7 / 10

Good satire on the urban American lifestyles of the 1960s and 1970s

This film is a funny comedy and broad satire of the day. It pokes fun at three major areas of society. First, is the "rate race" of living in the congestion of the Big Apple. Second, is the hippie or yuppie drop-out culture of the late 60s. And, third, is government and the local politics of the big city. "What's So Bad About Feeling Good" has the clear message that the assumed "happiness" of the first two situations is false. The one is masked by anxiety, anger, impatience, fear, and hurry. The second is masked by drugs, depression, self-centeredness and lack of any drive or sense of responsibility.

A toucan (Amigo) out of nowhere interrupts the cultural scene of the Big Apple by some strange infectious air that restores a sense of life, kindness, charity, drive and true happiness. People begin to smile and laugh. The hippies shave their beards and get jobs. But, there's a downside - at least in the eyes of the local government. As the health of people improves, cigarette and liquor sales decline and with that - the city's tax revenues.

It's a nice idea for a plot and it works well with this story in which all the cast give very good performances. This doesn't rank up there with the great comedy satires, but it is a very good one and spoofing of the American urban culture of the 1960s and 1970s. The film has some very funny scenarios, with the fantasy dialog from the bird that some of the characters are able to understand.

George Peppard as Peter, Mary Tyle Moore and Liz, Dom DeLuise as J. Garner Monroe and John McMartin as The Mayor are particularly good in their roles.

Here are some favorite lines from the film.

Barney, "Unlike you, we only use first names We believe that last names are superfluous. Because when the world is destroyed, our first names will be our last names."

Park Commissioner Williams, "Gentlemen, as you all know, we desperately need more parks in Lower Manhattan. Well, I've finally come upon the perfect solution. We tear down the New York Stock Exchange and the Treasury Building across the street, and use that space for a beautiful playground. We can condemn that property for very little. It's cost the city less than $6 million an acre." The Mayor, "We'll continue this discussion in the fallout shelter." Williams, "There'll be plenty of rom for the kiddies to play baseball and football and hopscotch, jacks. There's be jungle gyms and slides and swings, see-saws, chess boards for the senior citizens...."

Phil, "It's not just the sales tax that worries me, but suppose some of us gets it and starts making irrational decisions."

Lou Bolton, "And gentlemen, the more I've thought about Pete's idea, the better I like it. Honesty in advertising - what a fresh idea. Just great, Pete. To show our appreciation, here's a bonus for you."

T.V. Newscaster (Martin O'Hara, uncredited), "The latest figures show that marriage licenses are running 912% above average. Also, in the last 24 hours, only one application for divorce has been granted. And 75% of all pending lawsuits have been settled out of court."

J. Gardner Monroe, "Can't you do anything without that bird? I mean, they didn't need the original mosquito to cure malaria." Dr. Shapiro, "Well, they didn't need an infected brain." Monroe, "Well, grab a stiff from the morgue. Must be somebody there who died laughing."

J. Gardner Monroe, "When was the last time you were in Cuba, Mr. Jackson?" Pete, "Cuba?" Monroe, "Oh, come on. We ran check on you and your gang. One of them had a beard just like Castro and they all had some kind of a beard. How do you explain that?" Peter, "We didn't shave."

J. Gardner Monroe, "What are you, a listening Tom?"

J. Gardner Monroe, "I wanna come back and see a normal couple screaming and yelling at each other - check?"

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