When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to Be Dead.


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferdinand1932 7 / 10


This is a really stimulating film. At a superficial glance it appears to be a bit slow and uncertain but it has so many facets to it that it holds the attention and then reveals more as it progresses.

The title is an initial hook and when the metaphor plays out it's like a strange Japanese game show taken to literally. But it is a metaphor about the difficulties of navigating married life. The central idea is demonstrated in a series of crises.

At this stage it is interesting how the men react: they are mystified and concerned. It's more likely that in a Western movie - and one that is a sort of romantic comedy like this - they'd be angry and go out and get drunk. The Japanese males are shown confused, sensitive and troubled by the turn of events, discussing what it means and why.

Further on the characters work out their ideas of married life and love from female and male perspectives; of expectations and changes in the relationship over time.

This is considered, as if from a novel, and it is true that the pace of the film could be a bit quicker, though it does resolve its ideas in other scenes as the story expands.

The idea of death as am articulation of love is explained in Japanese terms which puts the film together. This is stated as a fact, where it is a long held social myth, which has been accepted as fact. Nevertheless, it makes the film a genuinely interesting experience from a cultural angle.

One other intriguing aspect is the soundtrack which is reminiscent of an early '70s rock, with touches of a Beatles' Abbey Road sound a times; an unusual choice given the themes and story, but also made it stand out.

Reviewed by wahyu-yuns 9 / 10

moving story on marriage in Japan reality..

In 2014, I was told by a friend, a Japanese lawyer, that the divorce rate in Japan, particularly Tokyo is pretty high. Even for the elder couples, after their children legally grown-up, lots of couples get divorced as they feel that there is no love among them from the first, its only children that bounded them (as mentioned by Jun's boss in a scene). This movie is a moving-romantic-touching ways in portraying these facts of marriage in Japan. The acts were all perfect and natural. The script is excellent in telling various problems in nice and slow pace. Even the "mistranslation" mentioned by other reviewer, I believe it was chosen to telling the audience that love or being in loved is not identical with the three words only, but it can translated into sooooo many various ways..

Reviewed by Hombredelfuturo 5 / 10

about the hard working of marriage

...seems that the first commentator does not have an idea of Japanese cinema or even the construction of a movie. Sorry for the harsh words, but do not know why you decide to comment about movies, if you do not discern even the story line...

-One of the things that the director is showing is the fact that communication is everything in a relationship so if you cannot stand some situations for one reason or another, would be very difficult to carry on with a successful marriage. The point of views are based on four examples of a marriage in the different stages of life. The strange behavior of the main wife is based on what she found as a fortress to manage the death of her Mother when she was a child and to bring some better moments to her Father in those difficult days. Kind of a refuge constructed on great Literature of the XIX century. All these relationships are between people that tried hard to keep on going but at some point is not up to you only; may be the destiny and dead is working against one of the parts involved too. The firsts half an hour is somewhat bland then the rest grows slowly but consistent so if you pass that and dive around some subtleties you would finish with something that provides hope. No doubt that all we need another person at our sides but many times this is not available for any body or is a harsh road. We as human beings struggle all our life with some type of relation, losing the energy, stressing out us then we are dead...is evident that we do not like to live alone all our life.

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