When We Were Bullies



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Keywords:   bullying, sense of guilt

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PedroPires90 5 / 10


Contrary to most on this network, I don't think we should only listen the victims. I think that to solve any problem, especially something endless and something that happened to so many, we need to try to understand it as a society.

Now, I have some issues with the tone of this one. The music selected was weird and doesn't seem the right one for the moment. It doesn't seem to take the issue strongly and seriously enough, even if in the end the messages are mostly right. I like what it tries to do and tell, but I have some issues in how it tell us that.

Reviewed by patrickfilbeck 1 / 10

A disgusting, unreflective film by a bully

This documentary is an affront to victims of bullying and the following explains why: The filmmaker himself is the bully from the past, which would still be okay if he approached the matter in a self-reflective manner. But he doesn't do that, instead he draws an explanation for his actions that could hardly be cheaper and more mendacious. Because towards the end of the short documentary he explains that he does not contact the victim of bullying, as allegedly originally wanted, and ask for an interview, but rather writes a letter. The reason is that he does not want to bring people into a new forced situation and did not want to end up clichéd with the strength of those who lead a successful life despite being bullied. In truth, however, he does not find out what consequences his bullying had on the victim. His letter is the height of spiritual poverty. There he justifies his actions with the pain he had in himself because his brother died in the fourth grade. This pain specifically made him bully and torment this other boy. His reading of these events is that everyone carries pain within themselves and that then connects everyone - including him and his victim of bullying. This is outrageous and rightly provokes anger for viewers. Because it would even be possible that the bullied person also experienced pain from a loss, just not bullying others because of it. The emotional pain of both is just not comparable, because the bully reduces the pain of the bullied to what he did to him. What the bully did, however, he supposedly did out of an equal pain ... and, in the opinion of the poor filmmaker, that connects the two. Aha. In fact, the bully seems to be looking for an excuse for himself. Today, as a grown man, he prefers to talk about his pain and he does this by not only comparing his pain with the pain of his victim, but even equating it. It's disgusting and so weak that looking at it doesn't squeeze your tear gland, but instead the food comes up again.

Reviewed by pebsdad 9 / 10

Grammar School Incident Haunts Filmmaker

Short film made about a grammar school bullying incident in the 60's that involved a group of students ganging up on the class loner. The filmmaker tracks down many of his classmates from the time to get their perspectives and memories of the incident.

Impossible not to jog the viewer's own memory into the same time in their life and cause them to reminisce. Clearly this incident had a very lasting effect on the filmmaker and the film, at 35 minutes, is just the right length.

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