Where the Day Takes You


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 3177

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Will Smith as Manny
Lara Flynn Boyle as Heather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kellieknight 10 / 10


Rocco took an amazing group of actors and made a beautiful piece that not only refrained from glamourising and sugar-coating life on the streets, but kept a low-key tone to the show rather than play up the idea of a movie with some of Hollywood's best young actors in it. It presents a real issue in a very real way, and was also a movie you were drawn into, rather than taking on a news broadcast tone. The characters are likable with all their flaws, and you find yourself crying with them at points. The downside to this movie is that it is one of those indy films that few will sit down and watch. Luckily those who do will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Cassandra_Jade 10 / 10

Sean Astin making us feel

Moving film with issues that people who have been in the same situations will be able to relate to. Sean Astin(Greg) was really good in this film he played his part well and you feel for him and try to understand how it must feel living life the way they all do on the streets. Great cast line-up and it was good to see Will Smith in there. All the characters seemed real not just movie stars playing homeless kids.

Reviewed by SamwiseTrosser45 10 / 10

A marvelous performance by all

Each actor/actress in this film plays to perfection. As usual, Sean Astin captured my imagination, and I couldn't believe that this was the same person who played Rudy. The plot is well written, and I was captivated by how realistic it was. I could totally see this happening not only in downtown L.A., but in any other big city as well. It was made in 1992, but like Rebel Without a Cause, it stays universal.

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