Where the Dead Go to Die


Animation / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4 10 1104

Keywords:   serial killer, gore, demon, surrealism, nightmare, gun, hell, evil spirit, grave, tape

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trashgang 9 / 10

watch out for Labby the demonic dog

Visiting conventions you sometimes d o find gems that you otherwise never would come across. I noticed the Unearthed label so I knew that this wasn't going to be a normal flick. And it wasn't in two ways, it was 100% animation and secondly even that isn't for the easily offended to watch.

Where The Dead Go To Die could never been made with real actors because it's surreal and it contains extreme gore, necrophilia, child abuse and bestiality. I'm not used to watch manga's so for me it wasn't normal to watch such kind of flick. It isn't manga of course but the animation normally starts to get boring after a while, here it didn't because the creatures walking around were original. Sometimes it made me think of the world of Clive Barker or the world of Rozz Williams (PIG (1998)) and his paintings or the mysterious Begotten (1990). The score did add sometime creepy and the deformed voices of hell did add also something towards the credibility of this animation. 3 perverted stories to watch.

If you are not open minded to perverse flicks or weird animation then this isn't your thing but if you collect the Unearthed label then this must be in your collection and as we all know, they go for a lot of money after a while.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by lisafordeay 1 / 10

What in the name of god did I just watched

Thank to Animats I seen his review of this movie and let me tell ya the film made no sense whatsoever. The animation was horrible,the story makes no sense AT ALL,there is way too much swearing and horrible gory moments in this film. You think Twilight,The Legend Of The Titanic was awful well look no further than this piece of crap to come out since 2012.

This is a pure insult to movie history. Also you think Fifty Shades Of Grey was awful well think again. The whole film has No dialouge at all only some idiot narrating and swearing and all this gory rubbish happening. Now if you excuse me I think I need to watch a film that will help me clear my mind with this piece of crap.


Avoid Avoid Avoid.

Reviewed by asda-man 5 / 10

This ain't Pixar folks

This review is going to be subjective because I'm not like most people who get scared by horror films like The Exorcist or The Shining. I get scared by strange things. Things that bury themselves into your psyche and fester for a long time. That's why I'm such a fan of David Lynch's surreal films and why (what most people would describe as) an unwatchable mess like Inland Empire is a frightening masterpiece to me. Similarly, some people find videos of glitches from The Sims hilarious, whereas I find them chilling with those strange and nightmarish impossible contortions. Where the Dead Go to Die is like one big Sims glitch.

Many will see it as an atrociously animated and badly voice acted mess, and they wouldn't be wrong. This has to be the worst animation ever committed to film. In fact, it looks as though it was made on The Sims with a few disturbing expansion packs which allow your sims to woohoo with animals and travel to a kaleidoscopic hell. This will make the film borderline unwatchable for some people, but for me it made it all the more horrifying. Likewise, a little boy being voiced by a man mimicking a screechy child's voice is much more frightening to me than being voiced by an actual child. It's extremely uncomfortable as it feels like we're watching something Satanic that shouldn't be watched.

Where the Dead Go to Die has to be one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen and I don't get too disturbed easily either. This film is up there with Salo, Martyrs and all he rest. If it was a live action production then I'm pretty sure that the anonymous director, who goes by Jimmy ScreamerClauz, would be arrested. Whilst the animation is beyond poor, the ideas are still there and these ideas are seriously messed up. I don't want to spoil it for people who want to experience this mind fudge, but there are some depraved ideas involving children which are explored explicitly in this film. They may only look like blobs, but that didn't make it any less upsetting to watch, for me at least. Especially combined with the horrifying musical score in the background.

I feel like I should delve into the story a little bit. Where the Dead Go to Die is an anthology film which follows three characters living in the same neighbourhood (I think) who all come in contact with a demonic dog. The first segment tells the story of a boy who is convinced by the dog to kill his mother's unborn child as it's the antichrist. This story certainly gives you a taste of things to come. It's just utter madness with some terribly disturbing ideas and images thrown in. The second story kind of lost me a bit, but it concerns a man who steals people's memories after killing them. It's the weakest story and is mainly an excuse to go overboard on the hellish, surreal imagery. The last story is the strongest and most disturbing. It concerns a neglected boy with his dead Siamese twin's head stuck to the side of his face, who falls in love with a little girl. Needless to say, she harbours some very dark secrets at home.

You can try and think about the absolute sickest thing in the world and this film will show you worse. I can't decide whether I liked it or not. You could argue that it's a film designed to shock you for the sake of it, but there is actually a story here (several actually) and I'd argue that this Jimmy ScreamerClauz bloke actually prioritises the story over the moments of depravity. This isn't like August Underground where it's just one sick pointless scene trying to outdo the other. The disturbing themes do actually have something to do with the surreal story, particularly in the last segment. There's a moment where I was almost moved to tears, just due to the intensity of the concept presented on screen. The relentless bleakness also started to get to me after a while.

Where the Dead Go to Die is not a good film on a technical level, but it's unlike anything I have ever seen. There's no denying that it's innovative, whether that's in a good way or not. It does get bogged down in its moments of relentless surreal glitchy imagery, but when it focuses, I found myself strangely captivated. On one hand I find the film trashy and stupid but on the other I find it startling and original. It's an endlessly dark, depraved and upsetting film. It disturbed me, horrified me and affected me both emotionally and physically. It's a film which I won't ever forget, and that has to be worth something doesn't it?

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