Where the Money Is


Comedy / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 5715

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Frankie Faison as Security Guard
Jayne Eastwood as Connie

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loupgarou-2 9 / 10

A low-key caper film that hits the spot

This movie, like most caper films, builds slowly to a pretty satisfying conclusion. The three main stars are likable, and of course Paul Newman is a jewel as always. Linda is not as seductive as in some of her roles, but is,as always, a pleasure to watch. Some younger folks might find this too slow, but more mature audiences will probably enjoy it

Reviewed by Sylviastel 8 / 10

A Great, Fun Film to Be Seen to Be appreciated!

I became a fan of Linda Fiorentino from watching her on Dogma over and over again on Comedy Central. I hope she's getting residual checks and new fans all over again. In this film, she plays Carol Ann McKay, a bored nurse in a retirement or nursing home who meets Paul Newman's character who is a retired professional heister. With her husband played by Dermot Mulroney, the three plan the ideal heist with an armored car. I read that Fiorentino and Newman got along very well on the film and both live in the same town in Connecticut. Fiorentino would have been willing to do a sex scene with him if she was given the opportunity. Anyway, the three are a great team. The story is pretty good because Fiorentino, Newman, and Mulroney make the lines come alive. I wish Fiorentino and Newman were still working making movies. As you get older in this business particularly females, you are over the hill over 40 years old. For men, it's different but even Newman has given up the acting part of the business because it's so uninspiring. Films like this never do well at the box office. It could have done very well on television or cable. Fiorentino is stunning at the end of the film. It's not all about the money as it is about getting away with it and the thrills and adrenalin of being and feeling alive.

Reviewed by FlickJunkie-2 7 / 10

Newman shines

Paul Newman shines in this implausible, but highly watchable caper flick about three unlikely armored car robbers. It is hard to believe that Newman is 75. He is fitter and more energetic than most men who are fifteen years his junior. He single-handedly elevates this film from mediocrity.

The story is nothing unique. Henry (Newman) is a bank robber who is delivered to a nursing home after a debilitating stroke. His nurse (Linda Fiorentino) suspects he is not the vegetable he appears to be. After she gets him to admit his ruse, she exhorts him to knock off an armored truck with her.

Director Marek Kanievska and writer Max Frye leave numerous gaps in the story. We never discover what tips off Carol that Henry is faking. They didn't do enough character development of Carol and Wayne (Dermot Mulroney) to make it believable that they would want to become criminals, no less hatch the scheme. The idea that Carol was pretending to be the dispatcher for the armored car company from a cell phone in the truck is a flimsy concoction. Even with digital technology, most cell phones in moving vehicles sound like cell phones, and you can hear road noises and the engine running.

Still, despite a lackluster script, the film is enjoyable because of Paul Newman. Newman gives a fantastic rendition of a stroke victim, and his hardened and cantankerous portrayal was marvelous. Linda Fiorentino plays the scheming sex-kitten nurse in one of her better performances. The screen chemistry between Fiorentino and Newman is excellent with undercurrents of sexual desire constantly flaring up between them. Dermot Mulroney is relegated to a role that was essentially a fifth wheel and is adequate as Carol's loser of a husband.

I rated this film a 7/10. It is good entertainment and an opportunity to see a master at work. Newman hasn't lost a beat in a movie career that spans almost a half a century. It is worth seeing for him alone.

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