Who You Think I Am

2019 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 4877

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François Civil as Alex Chelly
Nicole Garcia as Dr. Catherine Bormans
Guillaume Gouix as Ludovic Dalaux
Juliette Binoche as Claire Millaud
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michael-kerrigan-526-124974 8 / 10

A mesmerising Binoche, a great script to do her justice

Every now and again you come across a film that you know very little about but fine the premise intriguing and it more than lives up to that intrigue. Juliette Binoche - who is in pretty much every scene - is a mesmerising presence as Claire - a lonely university professor who is struggling with inner demons. To say anything else would spoil. Suffice to say, this is a film which, whilst easy to follow and you never know what's going to happen next, would no doubt benefit from a second viewing. I will definitely be watching again. Currently streaming on Netflix - this is a sexy, twisty drama/thriller that at least for me was a hidden gem. 8.5 out of ten

Reviewed by kookycrumbelina 8 / 10

She falls in love with a youth she wants once again

This story is really about Claire and her wanting to relive her youth. About how as a woman as she ages she feels invisible. This is a fantasy erotica; it's all about what she wants to feel but cannot. Very compelling and beautifully shot.

Reviewed by cgcastanedo-75966 8 / 10

"Empty Nest Syndrome"

The crisis of the 50 years is enhanced by abandonment and introspection arises, to face the fear of loneliness. I still can? Am I capable? so how do I cope with my recent condition? Lie, seduction, revenge, manipulation. "Celle que vous croyes" excellent French film that explores human mind and behavior. Juliette Binoche's cinematographic presence is such that she becomes the motor and rhythm of the film, the camera only follows her... Safy Nebbou, French director, has his origins as an actor and later a theater director, before jumping onto the big screen. "Who You Think I Am" is his sixth feature film and was co-written by director and Julie Peyr, based on the novel of the same name by Camille Laurens. While the title in Spanish is "No Soy Quien Crees" The title for Spain is "Clara and Claire" which suggests 2 personalities, the truth is that this movie also has several shades, on the one hand it is a psychological drama and at the same time it is a romance and a thriller. The film depends almost 100 % on a consecrated and iconic actress Juliette Binoche, the entire film revolves around her actions, in the secondary roles the therapist played by Nicole Garcia and the technology played by Fb, smartphones, GPS. Male roles are for decoration. Claire: "I do use social media Dr. Bormans. For people like me it's both, a shipwreck and a life raft"

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