Wholly Moses!


Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 6 / 10

reinforces my opinion that Dudley Moore could be funny when he tried, but was not one of the funniest people

The pantheon of religious spoofs includes "Wholly Moses!", about a man who almost did everything that Moses did. While Richard Pryor (as the Pharaoh) and John Ritter (as the Devil) turn in some cool performances, Dudley Moore as Herschel basically plods. Therefore, he drags down the whole movie. It probably would have come out funnier had they cast someone like Chevy Chase or Steve Martin in the role; I mean, they already had one "Saturday Night Live" cast member (Laraine Newman). Granted, Moore isn't terrible. His scenes on Mt. Sinai are to die for. It's just that I've always considered him sort of weird, and so it's hard to interpret him as laugh-out-loud funny.

So, it's OK once, I guess. Also starring Madeleine Kahn, James Coco and Dom DeLuise. My two favorite religious spoofs are Monty Python's "Life of Brian" and Mel Brooks's "History of the World Part I".

Reviewed by tavm 6 / 10

Dudley Moore and his fellow comics make Wholly Moses! worth a look

After 34 years of only knowing about this movie and some negative reviews it got, I finally got from Netflix Wholly Moses! Dudley Moore stars as both a tourist and as Herschel, a brother-in-law to Moses. Yes, you read that right. Larraine Newman is another tourist and Herschel's wife Zerelda in the ancient scenes. James Coco is the father of Herschel. Then there are cameos by various comics like Dom DeLuise, John Ritter, Richard Pryor, Paul Sand, Madeline Kahn, oh, and dramatic actor John Houseman also appears. I'll just now say that I found the whole thing highly amusing, if not completely hilarious, and wasn't as bad as I'd feared it'd be. So on that note, I say Wholly Moses! is worth a look.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 5 / 10

So-so Biblical comedy.

Just speaking personally, this viewer would agree with one other review here: the material in this star-packed parody is amusing if never terribly funny. Screenwriter Guy Thomas and director Gary Weis have their hearts in the right place, but too many of the jokes fell flat and the movie became somewhat boring as a result, which is compounded by the fact that it's slowly paced and goes on a little too long. Now, that's not to say that there aren't some great moments, because there are. They just happened to mostly occur in the second half, so there was a bit of a wait.

Dudley Moore and Laraine Newman star as Harvey and Zoey, two tourists taking in the sights of the Holy Land who go off on their own and explore a nearby cave, where they find an ancient scroll. Harvey is able to translate it, so he spends the balance of the movie relating it to Zoey: it's the story of Herschel (Moore again), son of a slave named Hyssop (James Coco), who has many travels and at one point becomes a brother in law to Moses! When God entrusts Moses with the mission of freeing the Jews in Egypt from bondage, Herschel spends most of the movie thinking the request was directed at him. He meets many characters on his journeys: an Angel of the Lord (Paul Sand), a tailor (Jack Gilford), Shadrach (Dom DeLuise), an Archangel (John Houseman), a witch (Madeline Kahn), a beggar (David L. Lander), a pharaoh (Richard Pryor), and the Devil (John Ritter).

It's the earnest efforts of this capable comedy cast that make "Wholly Moses!" worth sitting through. This viewer personally found the appearances by DeLuise, Houseman, Pryor, and Ritter particularly delicious. There are also some little gags worth noting, such as when a character is turned into a pillar of salt, and Hyssop scrapes some of the salt into his food. The scenery and widescreen photography are gorgeous, and the production design / art direction / set decoration team certainly do their jobs well; the movie has a good look. In addition to the famous faces (also including Andrea Martin as Zipporah), the cast features some top notch character actors: Richard B. Shull, William Watson, Sandy Ward, Brion James, and Michael Champion. Walker Edmiston, who'd provided the incredibly creepy vocalizations for the Zuni fetish doll in the final segment of 'Trilogy of Terror', does the voice of God.

With so much talent assembled here, it's too bad this couldn't have provided more laughs. It's watchable but is never as hilarious as one might wish.

Five out of 10.

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