Wild Canaries


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

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December 20, 2022 at 03:35 AM

Top cast

Alia Shawkat as Jean
Jason Ritter as Damien
Annie Parisse as Eleanor
Kevin Corrigan as Anthony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cguldal 9 / 10

A great comedy!

Just saw Wild Canaries at the BAM Cinemafest, and what a great thing that we did! A great indie film with lots of laughs, many great moments, well developed characters, a thrilling nosy-lady- thinks-someone-murdered-someone plot, awesome yelling matches between boyfriend and girlfriend... An all around excellent example of the genre. After a slow start, where the plot and characters are set up, the screwball comedy takes off and never looks back. Probably best enjoyed in a cinema or with a large crowd (as it is the case with most comedies), but could be a good date film, as well. Lots of couple moments where the main characters have some very realistic, sometimes hilarious, arguments. Very Brooklyn, very sexually fluid (and conscious of these facts), and very indie.

Don't miss it!

Reviewed by Moviegoer19 6 / 10

Both Entertaining and Annoying

As the title line implies, I had mixed reactions to this film. There were times when I had to force myself to continue watching it. Those were the times when the female lead character, Barri, was acting particularly like the little girl trying to charm her daddy and get away with all the antics and pranks that come with that. Despite the director/writer being aware of having a female lead who is "bratty", a word she uses to describe herself at one point, I kept wondering would anyone intentionally be with someone like this? But, alas, there's someone for everyone.... The longevity of their relationship, and others, is one of the film's subplots. The main storyline is the "mystery" which another astute reviewer compared to a Woody Allen film, especially "Manhattan Murder Mystery." I agree; in more than one way this film was like the WA film: on some levels stupid, slapstick comedy which, if you like it, then you'll like this. Ultimately I kept watching it, as it was also somewhat engaging and entertaining, as another reviewer pointed out, thanks to great photography and visuals of Brooklyn Heights, both indoors and out.

Reviewed by plkldf 10 / 10

Liked it a lot

Every once in a while you see a gem at Maryland Film Festival. This picture is a gem.

I'm giving them an extra point or two for being young filmmakers. Really good tho. A dream of a screenplay, with several events taken from the filmmakers' lives -- Lawrence Michael Levine wrote and directed, and plays the male lead. His real-life wife, Sophia Takal, co-stars. Ms Takal's dream of resurrecting a casino, which Mr Levine thought was a bad idea in real life, recurs in the film, and the mysterious wild canaries of the title appear at the casino.

This is a screwball murder mystery a la The Thin Man. Levine and Takal are also big Colombo fans, and Colombo's trench coat makes an appearance.

A very hip comedy, with great jokes and payoffs (a running gag about who should drive the car pays off hilariously), along with expert physical comedy. Funny and endearing. Nick and Nora would be proud.

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