Wild Faith



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Lana Wood as Opal
Darby Hinton as Gerald
Trace Adkins as Story narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by believeintheone 2 / 10

not very compelling

Recently watched this at the Burbank Film Festival. First of all it's just not a very compelling movie. The story just doesn't really take hold of you and the acting is sub par. The protagonists clearly exhibit very modern notions of racism and inclusion, and thus are detached from any sort of realistic individuals living in the second half of the 1800's. This creates a frontier sentimentality is so overtly saccharine and conversely the antagonists are reduced to standard cardboard cut out villains. On top of that everything about the production looked rushed and shot on a very small budget. I was surprised that Wild Faith won best faith based film at the festival, until I looked back at the schedule and discovered it was the only faith based feature film in the whole festival! There were a number of faith based shorts, but without any equal competition it was easy for this mediocre story to win.

Reviewed by wyw-67816 10 / 10

Beyond my expectations...

It's amazing when a story comes to life on the big screen and you feel you're a part of it, sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what's going to happen next....Every aspect of Wild Faith is done exceptionally well...actors are true to character and the story line touches your heart....who could ask for more. Can't wait to see it again!

Reviewed by lonnie-45962 9 / 10

A Visual Feast

My first criteria for a good movie is if I would watch it again. I would. It's a visual feast. Some shots -- fog lifting, river moving, oak forests, a few close-in drone shots -- really spotlighted the beauty of the area. It was almost meditation for me to watch that in a darkened theatre, and it helped a good movie take its time, even as the story moved forward at a good pace. Good acting -- loved Emmet and his kindness and his pain and his subtle facial expressions. Loved watching him split wood! I felt like I know a lot of guys like him, and the people around me in the theatre said the same (we talked about it after). Fantastic work by Hester the Ojibway woman. As a baby boomer, I was happy to see the famous Lana Wood in this movie. The bad guys were not stock evil (except maybe the sheriff). Mostly they were scary and goofy at the same time, which makes them more interesting to me. Good writing -- fun lines to remember. I felt I understood why the characters found themselves in each other's lives, thanks to the right amount and timing of flashbacks. Civil War flashbacks also very, very good. I'm a native rural Michigander, and this movie being so "Michigan" made it even more of a pleasure to watch. Bravo and brava to all involved.

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