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Reviewed by msbreviews 6 / 10

Sundance 2021: Wild Indian holds a compelling narrative but with an incredibly unlikable protagonist...

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Being this an Indigenous film and a feature directorial debut for Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr., I really didn't know what to expect. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it more than I anticipated. Wild Indian takes a tragic, dark moment in an early phase of two characters' lives and follows an unconventional path to demonstrate how surprising someone's future can be, especially considering the younger-self personality. Everyone changes parts of themselves throughout life, even more during childhood and teenage years.

Despite the overall slow pacing - slower than what I believe to be necessary - an efficient "twist" instantly raises the level of interest in the main narrative, which takes a while to overcome the fundamental yet formulaic character build-up. Then, Michael Greyeyes and Chaske Spencer bring their A-game, delivering engaging performances that kept me invested in the story. Greyeyes might portray the protagonist and have more screentime, but Spencer steals the spotlight with an emotionally devastating display.

A solid debut from a writer-director to put an eye on during the next year, but I can't escape my main issue with the central character. Even though I fully understand the commentary that Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. successfully transmits to the viewers about so many important matters, I couldn't connect with the protagonist, much on the contrary. It's a frustrating feeling to have, but I find Greyeyes' character extremely unlikeable not only due to his actions in the past but mainly his attitude in the present. In addition to this, Jesse Eisenberg's casting choice feels out-of-place and weird, to say the least.

Beautifully shot by Eli Born.

Wild Indian is a strong feature directorial debut from Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr., who I recommend following closely for the next few years. Boasting a compelling narrative, Michael Greyeyes and Chaske Spencer take the viewers through a dark, emotional journey of understanding that life isn't always fair and that making amends only works for people who can actually feel guilt or remorse. Both actors offer notable performances, but it's Spencer who really impacts me at an emotional level, elevating the only character I truly cared about. On the other hand, the protagonist is an incredibly unlikeable person who tries his hardest to forget the tragic past through deplorable actions. Jesse Eisenberg sadly sticks out like a sore thumb. The short runtime partially compensates for the slow pacing, but overall I still had a good time.

Rating: B-

Reviewed by zacharylivingood 6 / 10

A lot of great potential

WILD INDIAN is a film about the different paths that arise for people after experiencing traumatic events in their childhood.

I really loved the concept, but ultimately I feel like it falls a bit flat. It starts very strong, but I think otherwise fails as a character study, and I didn't really feel anything for Makwa, any sort of relief or regret of what he did. He shows that of course, but again, did I feel it? Not really. Ted-o I think was a really interesting character that I wish we could have dived more into. I would have loved to see maybe more of his downfall.

The story references and tries to mirror the story of Cain and Abel, which I think is a really interesting way to take a story like this, and I like that side of the film a lot. It's just focused on so little unfortunately and is quickly forgotten, similar to the flashback images at the start and end of the film.

Overall, I think the cinematography by Eli Born is beautiful, as well as the dark brooding score by Gavin Brivik. There's so much here that you can like, but I think there's also reasons why not to.

But really I think the most distracting/disappointing part was Jesse Eisenberg. I love Jesse, don't get me wrong. I think he's great in everything I've seen him in. But the presence of him being in a total of like 3 minutes of the film, seems like a bit of a miscast.

The director and writer, Lyle Corbine, seems that he has a lot going for him and he should definitely have your sights on him for the future. Can't wait to see what else he's able to work on and accomplish!

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