Wild Search

1989 [CN]

Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 532

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by laadolf 9 / 10

Subtle Acting renders fascinating characters

Wild Search is a film in need of respect. I've read reviews that disparage it's pedigree--claiming it to be nothing more than a "Witness" rip-off. Yet, aside from the plot device of a young child being sole witness to a murder and that child's relatives being "from the country", there is little resemblance to "Witness" in plot or characterizations. Chow Yun Fat plays Hong Kong Police Sergeant Lau Chun Pong, nicknamed "Mew Mew". Mew Mew is a man in a downward spiral, having lost his wife and child in a robbery. When first introduced, he's sitting in a car, chain smoking cigarettes and drinking from his flask, watching the drama of street life before him as he awaits the arrival of an informant. His expression is disinterested and weary. In numbing himself from his grief, he is now numb to life. His job is what keeps him going, and he is good at it. He commands the loyalty, respect and affection of his colleagues and supervisor.

Cherie Chung plays the sister of the murdered arms dealer--whose death sets the plot in motion. Chung's Cher Lee is a woman of quiet strength and dignity. Life has not been kind to her. Her husband betrayed her, leading a secret second life with a woman from the Chinese interior, fathering a son. During their marriage he berated her for being clumsy and stupid. Rather than continuing to suffer the humiliation, Cher has divorced him and lives quietly with her father, working along side him in the village fields, harvesting bamboo.

Her sister's death brings Mew Mew into her life dramatically. Their relationship is at first contentious as he suspects her and her father of complicity in the dead sister's arms dealing. The relationship begins to transform as Mew Mew aids Cher in tracking down the father of her 4 year old niece. A man who turns out to be the kingpin of the arms smuggling operation.

Thrown into each others company, facing adversity and danger, these two wounded souls begin to blossom. A tentative, tender relationship grows and is tested time and again: through Mew Mew's suspension from the force (a result of threatening the powerful, rich arms kingpin); a domestic drama within Cher's family concerning her young niece and her father: the complication of Cher's ex-husband returning, determined to win his wife back; and Mew Mew's shooting by Cher's sister's murderer.

To be sure, these are restrained performances. Yet one only has to watch Cherie Chung as Cher as she sits at the bedside of the wounded Mew Mew, not knowing if he will live or die, her worry, longing and love playing over her features, to appreciate her work in this film. Chow's Mew Mew may lack the flash and dazzle of some of his bullet ballet roles, but the transformation from grief stricken widower to a man being brought back to life by love is fascinating to watch. His scenes with the young actress playing the daughter of the murdered woman are especially touching.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 8 / 10

Witness Chow, Cherie and Ringo on fine form.

Chow Yun Fat stars as Mew-Mew, a reckless cop still mourning the loss of his wife and son, who were killed by a thief. Into his life comes Cher (Cherie Chung), sister of dead arms dealer Elaine Lee (Elaine Jin), and Cher's cute little niece Ka Ka (Cheuk Yan Chan), the only witness to her mother's murder. As Mew-Mew sets about investigating the killing, he begins to develop feelings for Cher, but suspecting Ka Ka's father Hung (Paul Chun) of being the ringleader of the arms smuggling gang, he becomes a target of the bad guys, which in turn puts the lives of Cher and Ka Ka in danger.

Wild Search sees one of Hong Kong cinema's greatest action stars, Chow Yun Fat, reunited with one of Hong Kong cinema's finest action directors, Ringo Lam, to bring us a film that might surprise their many fans, being just as much a subtle romance as it is a hi-octane action flick. However, thanks to superb central performances from Fat and Chung, and masterful direction from Lam, who balances the action and drama brilliantly, even those expecting far more bloodshed should find this film a totally captivating experience.

Some accuse Wild Search of being a rip-off of Peter Weir's Witness, and to some extent I guess they're correct, the basic plot bearing some similarities to the 1985 Harrison Ford thriller, but it is also a very good film in its own right.

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

Reviewed by Tequila-18 8 / 10

An excellent action/drama film

Wild Search is an excellent entry in the Honk Kong film genre. As usual with the Hong Kong cinema there is plenty of action. The thing that sets this film apart from others is the subtle romance between the leads. Chow Yun-Fat, as usual, is superb. The balance between action and drama is expertly handled by Ringo Lam.

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