Wild Wild West


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 149824


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Will Smith as Capt. James West
Salma Hayek as Rita Escobar
Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss Loveless
Kevin Kline as U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon / Ulysses S. Grant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twassel 4 / 10

Pretty awful

The fun old TV series becomes a tired series of special-effects scenes. Will Smith tries, but is miscast and utterly unbelievable. (And I'm sorry, but having an African-American as a "top government agent" four years after the end of the Civil War simply cannot be made believable, despite valiant attempts to try.) Kevin Kline, a fine actor, does what he can as Artemus Gordon, but seems to be recapitulating his "In and Out" persona (Ross Martin was never that prissy.) Kenneth Branagh, as the villain, plays it so far over the top you can't even see the top from where he his. Salma Hayek is undeniably lovely, but is wasted (she's basically an afterthought). Special effects are good, plot is stupid, script is awful. As a fan of the old series, I was very disappointed.

Reviewed by ollie_killick 7 / 10

I don't understand the hate for this film!

If you don't take it too seriously, Its a fun and entertaining film. I don't understand why people hate it so much!

Reviewed by acerimmer2005 1 / 10

the worst movie I have ever seen

If you are going to make a movie based on a much loved TV show have some respect for the show,this movie has none.

It takes a show that on the whole was not that bad and turns it into a really bad joke.

Will Smith as James West?! James West is supposed to be a western James Bond is there an Actor that looks less like a western James Bond then Will Smith.

He was only cast because of his name power at the time and it show he is not ever trying in this movie,he just keeps yelling his lines at the screen.

The rest of the cast is so awful i don't even want to talk about them. The thing that makes it worse is that they have all done good work in the past that is good but here they don't even seem to be trying.

Then there is the direction. Has there ever been a more incompetent director than Berry Summerfield?

The "Plot" is just awful.

Doctor Loveless(who in the TV show was a great character with Richard Keel as a henchman)is now a guy in a wheelchair who wants to use a gaint robot spider(That there is no way he could build in the 1860s)to kidnap the President and take over the west. Never mind that the ONE spider can only be in ONE place at once and that all you would have to do to stop it would be shoot it with a buch of cannons and that the vice president would take over for him and Grant would not be able to surrender to him,this is a Will Smith Movie.

Don't even get me started on the cross dressing scene.

Every piece of "plot" just leads to a mindless scene that is only there so that Warner Brothers can show you that they know what CGI is.

In short this is the worst movie I have ever seen,and it makes the Awful Men in Black 2 look like a classic.

I can't believe this made more money than the Classic South park movie on it opening weekend.

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