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Goldie Hawn as Molly
Woody Harrelson as Krushinski
Wesley Snipes as Trumaine
LL Cool J as Rapper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ijonesiii 8 / 10

One of the better sports comedies from the 1980's...

WILDCATS was a funny and entertaining comedy with Goldie Hawn at the top of her form as a high school track coach, who wants more than anything to coach football (her late father was a football coach). She finally gets the opportunity to coach a high school football team at a tough inner city high school where the majority of the students are Africa American or Latino. Of course, Goldie's Molly McGrath meets the obvious resentments from high school boys that you would expect finding out their new coach is a woman, but she does eventually win them over, even at the risk of losing custody of her two daughters to her uptight ex-husband (James Keach). Nothing new or inventive here but Goldie lights up the screen presenting a smart yet flawed character trying to live her dream. Nipsey Russell has one of the best roles of his career as the principal of the school that hires her and there are some very funny moments provided by the members of the team, especially Woody Harrelson, Nick Corri, and in a star-making turn, a very young Wesley Snipes. Bruce McGill scores as a sexist coach from the opposing school, Prescott and Jan Hooks has some cute moments as GOldie's ex-husband's new girlfriend. I love the scene where Goldie outruns the boys on the team and calls them "pussies" and the rap song over the closing credits is hysterically funny. A terrific feel-good comedy starring a great actress at the zenith of her personal charm.

Reviewed by standardbearer 9 / 10

All love Goldie Hawn

This film is an all time classic. Everyone's seen it, so I wont bother with the plot. (If you haven't, you lack the very basics!!!) It's light as a feather, yet professionally crafted. The cast is excellent: Woody Harelson and Wesley Snipes are always a winner duo, but the star of the movie is doubtlessly no other than Goldie Hawn. I don't know any other actresses, who could be this funny, lovely and sweet through a whole movie. And It's the young Goldie Hawn you'll watch during the playtime, so she has an additional amount of cuteness enforcing her personal sexual charisma. AND there is a scene where she's totally naked. It has nothing to do with the plot, it only meant for our pleasure. This move represents the happiest segment of the 80's:)

Reviewed by wchngliu 7 / 10

A Fun 80s comedy

Think Dangerous Minds and Any Given Sunday mixed with gags and humour and you've got Wildcats: an 80s comedy starring Mrs Kurt Russell herself, Goldie Hawn who plays a high school sports teacher turned American Football coach. At first, the guys take a disliking to her, but soon afterwards, her efforts pay off as they win match after match.

The film also launched the movie careers of ex-Cheers actor, Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes and rapper, LL Cool J. Okay, it may not win brownie points on originality alone, but Wildcats is an entertaining and amusing effort, with a somewhat impressive performance by Hawn herself. There are some silly moments, but hey this was the 80s after all! The hair, the fashion, the music, the movies ah the memories! In all, a feel good movie and for a sports flick, not that bad at all. And the rap is somewhat amusing and a tad cheesy too. Worth purchasing on DVD

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