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Tom Burlinson as Stewart 'P.C.' Simpson
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Stewart Simpson Sr.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mr_joose 9 / 10

It's a great period pic of Perth in the mid 80's

I have just watched this movie on late-night TV & it reminds me of when I saw it the 1st time at the Beechboro Drive-in in Perth's north eastern suburbs back in 1986/87 as an 18yr old. It was good then, but much better now, 24 years later. Only a local would pick up on the scene backgrounds that were far from accurate, e.g. when they were filming the final sequence off Trigg Beach, when you saw the coast from the water there was no crowd, or buildings even, as the actual windsurfing would've been shot further north beyond the suburbs. The film is a great period piece that any Aussie would enjoy.. the clothes, the hairstyles, the cars, etc. Tom & Nicole are definitely very cute together. If you have never been to Perth, as the movie shows, there is plenty of beaches & plenty of sun. I loved seeing the movie again.

Reviewed by pricenicholas 3 / 10

Definitely not a classic

Saw this late on ABC, can see why they put it on in middle of night. This is amateur hour, watching this 'car crash',the dialogue, editing and special effects - shark/seal scene! - get worse and worse. When the 2 larrikins get honked by garbage truck and their retort is "Up yours, garbage breath", scriptwriters! Then when there is a drag between PC and the yobbos the dueling banjos start. Only interest is seeing young Kidman, Matt Parkinson and Alan Dale (Dr Karl) ironically in the band, Karl nursing muso ambitions early on.

On a side note, it would be more helpful and balanced if negative and positive reviews were put up as it seems that user reviews are only added when someone really likes the film. This leaves the user reviews unbalanced and some 'terrible' films get very high rating. Subjective, of course

Reviewed by tbills2 5 / 10

Nicole Kidman is the primary, main, and basic reason to watch, Windrider.

Windrider is quite good. Well, quite good... Did I say quite good? Okay, let's start over. Windrider is a real good movie. The main Australian male, Tom Burlinson his name, is really quite good, and the montages of windsurfing stunts and wave riding on the beautiful Australian sunny ocean coast are really good too, and quite Nicole. Nicole Kidman is so classically beautiful in Windrider. She is the Windrider! Nicole is one of the most beautiful womans I've ever seen, ever! She is a streaming breathe of fresh air. She's a sweet Australian breeze. She's a lovely blow of the whirling wind. She's a mighty gust of dropdead gorgeousness. She's a strong hail of uncontrollable passion. She's a sweet scent of desire. She's a cool air current of love. She's a hot ripping rush of sex appeal. She's as light as a feather. She's as soft and gentle as a morning breeze. She's really hot, standing in the wind. Nicole was only just 18 then. I love her young curly hair, fiery red like a hot flame, wild and free, like the wind. Nicole's hair is rocking! Nicole's body is banging. Seriously! Warning!! Spoiler Alert! There is a great shot of Nicole's scrumptious behind in the movie. Did I say scrumptious behind? Okay, let's start over. There is a breathtaking shot of Nicole's bare butt in Windrider. There is even a quick shot of Nicole's side nips in the shower, like Nicole blowing you a sweet kiss in the wind. Uhm, kiss, K-I-S-S, keep it sweet & simple, that's my motto! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, it is my ecstatic pleasure to introduce to you, Nicole Kidman! Oh my God! Nicole looks unfathomably epically beautiful as she appears watching the man windsurf from far away on the beachy rock side in the beginning. Wait, did I say unfathomably epically beautiful? Did I say beachy rock side? What I meant to say was Nicole looks like a beautiful red-haired goddess as she appears from far away watching the man windsurf on the Australian beach there. Seeing this handsome daredevil pull of his little 360 windsurf trick is amazing, and plenty good enough for a movie premise! I really appreciate hearing Kidman's true Aussie accent throughout the showing. That's nice. The fact that the filmmakers didn't use Nicole's actual singing voice in the moments when she is singing in the Windrider is an epic fail/God damned tragedy/real shame. This 'Young Tate' song won't leave me be, it keeps following me and I think it's stalking me. I'm on to your tricks Young Tate, whoever you are, and I don't trust you and never will! Stay back, Young Tate! I have a toaster and a skillet, and I'm not afraid to use it. Young, Young Tate!

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