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Bart the Bear as The Bear
Trevor Howard as Windwalker
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James Remar as Windwalker as a young man
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Reviewed by choatelodge 9 / 10

"Grandfather, why is it I cannot walk on the wind?"

A native Indian family fleeing from an area struck by disease, is forced to be on the move during winter, and grandfather is sick. With the last of his strength the old patriarch ascends to his death platform to join his ancestors. In these hard times resources are dear, and a sick and dying old man with nothing more to contribute to the family must do the noble thing and not be a burden to his kin. He would slow them down and consume food, blankets, space and warmth that should nurture those who will carry on his line. He must go with dignity and walk on the wind. It is his time.

But as it happens this old man's greatest adventure and finest moments are yet before him, and as we shall see, he will not only contribute a much greater boon to his family than they or he could ever imagine, but he will ultimately find closure to a great tragedy he suffered in his own youth.

Windwalker is a refreshingly different film. All dialogue is spoken in authentic native dialects, with subtitles where necessary to aid the telling. The story unfolds through the use of the sparing English narration and wonderful visuals.

Also refreshing is the absence of any caucasian/native interaction and angst. All characters are native North American Indian. Good guys, bad guys, those whom the viewer decides himself/herself are good bad or otherwise, all are seen in a setting that predates the arrival of Europeans on the scene.

Too, it can be seen that the indigenous way of life really wasn't idyllic just because Caucasians had yet to come along and 'ruin' it! There is disease, famine, rapacious attacks from neighboring rival bands... Sort of like Europe in a way, wasn't it?

Free of heroic 'indian fighter' themes such as early cowboy movies had, Windwalker is also free of the latest theme in which the 'white men' are portrayed as having destroyed the native's presumed blissful former lifestyle. It is a blessing to be able to watch and share a movie with a North American native setting that is completely free of any political leanings one way or another. No racial tension or posture exists because it's all native. Bravo!

The story unfolds with enthralling straightforward simplicity, and spiced with occasional dry humour, reaches a satisfying conclusion. Suitable for all ages, this is a movie well worth watching.

Reviewed by tabest84 10 / 10

Some facts about Windwalker

My father wrote the book Windwalker so I am privy to a few facts you might find interesting. First of all to all those who objected to Trevor Howard, the director of this film wanted to have all Native American actors and had arranged for Chief Dan George to play the title role, but he became really ill just before shooting. There wasn't any other actors available who were Native Americans, and they were lucky to get Trevor Howard, who in most opinions did an amazing job. Every part of this film was authenticated and was extremely well received by the Native American communities. It may seem slow but then you are missing the point. It was not billed as an adventure movie and I am afraid you are comparing it with those that are. This movie was quite simply the story of a family that finally brought some respect to Native Americans who for years had been portrayed as awful cookie cutter images that were neither flattering nor accurate. Another interesting fact is that the committee that nominates films for Academy Awards did want to nominate this film but they had a dilemma. The movie had to be in the category of foreign films as it had subtitles, but a movie that is in that category has to be nominated by the country it represents. This made it a catch 22 and at the time they could see no way to circumvent the rules and so the nomination fell through.

Reviewed by pennyv258 10 / 10

Best Authentic Native American Movie

If you have never seen this movie, you are truly missing a Gem of the Best Native American Films Ever. It is Authentic for all the actors, languages, costumes and the way of the Native American. It is the most enjoyable Family movie and everyone will learn something. It's poignant, touching, dramatic and humorous. It has all the ear marks of an award winner that you will want to see again and again. One you hate to see end and wish it had another sequel and a prequel. It is one of the most outstanding movies of it's time to shed some truth on the much ridiculed Native Americans. It shows how intuitive they are and with tons of ingenuity with a love and respect of this beautiful country we call America. I hope one day you all get to see it.

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