Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jboothmillard 5 / 10

Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

I found this Ukrainian documentary film on Netflix, the only reason I wanted to see it originally was because of its Oscar nomination, I knew nothing about it, apart from that it was a serious subject matter. Basically the film focuses on the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine during 2013 and 2014. It started with peaceful student demonstrations for the support of European integration, but then it turned into violent revolution and a full-fledged civil rights movement, calling for President Viktor F. Yanukovich to announce his resignation. The conflict lasted for ninety-three days, but many similar small wars are still occurring in European countries, with many deaths and casualties continuing. The filming is all from the perspectives of the public cameras on the scene and the many televised news reports, it is shocking to see the amount of blood and death for what was supposed to be peaceful, I admit having to read the subtitles was a little annoying, but it got my attention, and it is an interesting controversial documentary. It was nominated the Oscar for Best Documentary. Worth watching!

Reviewed by evanston_dad 8 / 10

Made Me Fall in Love with the Ukrainian People

An inspiring documentary about the Ukrainian people's uprising against an oppressive regime and their successful demands that the Ukraine join the European Union.

Two years ago, my wife and I watched all of the Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary Feature before the big show. One of them was "The Square," about a similar situation in Egypt. Yet things ended badly in that film; the people fought to overthrow the regime in place but didn't have anything to replace it with, so they exchanged one bad set of leaders for another. In "Winter on Fire," a major difference is that the Ukrainian people were able to organize themselves into a de facto political party, with specific demands. Their ability to focus on a specific set of objectives is largely what made their effort successful, and the sheer joy of watching people unite and effect change for the greater good made me absolutely love the Ukrainian people and hope that Americans could do the same if faced with similar challenges.

Grade: A

Reviewed by runamokprods 9 / 10

Powerful documentary full of amazing images, if not super deep

Filled with amazing and powerful images of resistance on both a personal and mass scale, this film is what can result when you have a revolution in the age of ubiquitous cell phones and personal drones. And it leads to a kind of combination of visceral immediacy and near epic scope in the telling of the Ukraine's 3 month long citizens' revolt against a corrupt, unresponsive and lying government that would have been near impossible a handful of years earlier. This is experiencing a revolt from the inside; scary, intense, exciting – a powerful emotional roller coaster.

What it isn't, is an intellectually rigorous overview of the issues and conditions that led to the revolt, or what changes did and didn't result in the long term. Those are touched on, of course, but it's a fair criticism that's been leveled against the film, that the uninformed viewer (like me) comes away with only a schematic and simplistic view of the uprising. But, for me, that was enough.

The power of this film is the reminder that it is still possible for people to come together from very different places, Muslims and Catholics, left-wing students and aging military men, the poor and the middle-class – and to band together to overthrow a tyrant with a remarkable limiting of blood-shed. It's a film that will make you shed a tear for the potential for good and for change in the world, and that outweighs whatever shortcomings the film may have.

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