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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greg-29535 1 / 10

Any rating above 1 star came from someone involved with the film....

Father and son out hunting deer. Dressed wrong and with no gear or weapons. They get split up and are so stupid they can't shout to find each other. The son gets shot the father can't follow the sounds or his son's footprints in the snow?? Anyway, forgetting the insanely stupid plot. The hero has no charisma and zero screen presence. The woman who plays Agnes did about the worst (over)acting job I've ever seen. The dialogue was absolutely terrible, and on top of that the direction was beyond awful. The idea of this old lady being a serial killer was beyond goofy. The scene where she overpowered him would be hilarious if it wasn't supposed to be serious. I really don't even understand how movies like this get made....

Reviewed by vanwolfster 1 / 10

Misleading Summary for an Awful Film

Reads summary, sees movie, in the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "You lie!"

I know a horror movie should be suspenseful, building itself up to reveal the monster or whatever in a climax then get a good ending out of it, but to mislead their audience to do ruins the experience and feels completely cheap. It sure is much more cheaper than the movie's special affects that is for sure. The acting is awful, the main character to be completely overtaken by the "monster" is... it does not make any sense. Physically it does not make sense, but it has to be put there or else the story won't continue forward. Deus ex machina event right there to the extreme.

If I were to see the movie without reading any summary, I wouldn't be as mad as I am right now since the plot in the movie is completely different than what the summary says. They hoodwinked me, skinned me before my eyes into watching this lie of a film.

The real summary should have been like "Hunters looking for serial killer gets separated in the cold of winter and encounters something they weren't prepared for." Was that so hard to think of? And the cover art for the movie should be replaced too to avoid the lies and confusion the movie causes too. I expected skinless monsters not this crap.

TL;DR: The whole summary of the movie is a lie and the movie itself is as bad too, save yourself the time to do something else. The director of this disaster deserves to be banned from the movie business. Hell, all this lying makes them great to be a politician.

Reviewed by proverbs_1-974-441276 1 / 10

The boring, the terrible and the misleading.

Hateful eight, this is not. Wow. Just hatefully terrible. Where to begin? The hero is a joke. This guy couldn't stop a squirrel let alone a human being. He spends half the movie making stupid decision after stupid decision all while whining like a baby. He couldn't even overpower an old woman. Being crazy doesn't give anyone supernatural strength so why couldn't he stop "old Agnes?" This movie is only 1:24 in length but it felt like 2:30. Then there's the triple-shot double barreled shotgun. O__o No joke. And a repeater that had to be reloaded after each shot which was absolutely baffling. Oh, plus there's the cover art on Amazon Prime. Showing a person holding an assault shotgun, with a sidearm strapped to their leg, while creatures not even close to resembling the skinned people in the film break in through the window. Absolutely egregious false advertising.

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