Witness to 9/11: In the Shadows of Ground Zero



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

reminiscense worthy

Its 19 years ago, but i can still taste the feeling of despair of this incident. i live in norway , far away from ground zero, and was cleaning my car frontwindow, when my neighbour opened his window shouting ''theyre bombing new york'' or in dialect norwegian ''hei dei bomba nyyork, dra deg inn å sjå på tv'' at the top of his lungs.so that terminated my cleaning session, and set my 7 days to come either on the internet or in front of the tv,watching the norwegian state tv's breaking news for all it was worth.

im still baffled every time i view the twin towers falling, and this historical document makes you able to do the fly on the wall participation listening to the shock and awe at the height of the heresay stock market, as the catastrophe rolls on 10 blocks away in the background.

so if you want to remind yourself this incidental day anbd where you where and what you did, then its a great document. so let all say a silent grace in the memory of all those who passed away this day. its a vast recommend

Reviewed by chad-61313 1 / 10


Maybe because I live in NY and lived through 911, I feel I wasted 55m of my life. This is nothing more than amateur footage of people watching what happened away from ground zero. Prepare to get dizzy from the spinning camera.

Reviewed by thinkingdigital 8 / 10

More document than documentary.

Shot through the hand held technology of the day we see how the horrific events of 9/11 played out - not through the spectacle but through the raw reactions of eye witnesses. This account will stand the test of time way past the conspiracies and politics are over. It just asks 'where were you? how did you feel at the moment the world changed forever.'

Never under estimate the power of witnessing people witnessing world defining events.

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