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Eva Green as Rebecca
Matt Smith as Thomas
Natalia Tena as Rose
Hannah Murray as Monica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nerdier-than-thou 1 / 10

It was decent, but . . .

So I sat down one evening to watch a disturbing little art film about Eva Green and Matt Smith and cloning and maybe a little bit of incest. And I got that, mostly. But do you know what I got that I was completely unprepared for? A little boy dragging a long sheet of plastic that he had obviously gotten from the beach right through Eva Green's living room, with her just watching and saying nothing. Some child who is there as a GUEST and she just lets him bring garbage into her home. Matt Smith constantly standing just a little too close? I can take it. Children slowly burying a mechanical toy dinosaur while it pitifully tries to walk? Easy. Weird sexual tension between a mother and her son, culminating in a sex scene that made me want to squirm out of my skin? I lived. But that sheet of dirty plastic being dragged through that living room. That is the scene that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Reviewed by MaxHaydon1994 7 / 10

I wasn't prepared

*contains spoilers*

I watched this film due to being a huge Doctor Who fan and subsequently a fan of Matt Smith as an actor.

Also the concept was intriguing, a woman giving birth to a clone of her lover. I don't think however I was quite prepared for how messed up this film really was.

Is that to say it wasn't good? that it wasn't entertaining? not at all. But you should not go into watching this film with a close mind.

I went into this film..however open minded, extremely under prepared for the themes of incest. We witness a disturbing mother son relationship which given the circumstances of his birth is barely surprising.

Despite what is undoubtedly a very weird story and some very uncomfortable scenes, this film is built on a great concept and for the most part executed beautifully.

It was a particular highlight to see Matt Smith and Eva Green's combined performances which bring's the movie together.

I could have easily rated this film an 8 or 9/10 if some of the uncomfortable scenes had been trimmed but taking all into account I'd give it a solid 7/10.

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 7 / 10

Solid drama sci-fi that makes you look outside of the box.

With a plot about conceiving and cloning your dead beloved I expected this movie to possibly become all kinds of disturbing.

Luckily, the script is dealt with the hands of a director and a cast who handled the script delicately and on a humane level.

That's not to say that this movie is politically correct in any way or won't be disturbing to some, but events that many directors would play for shock-value are dealt with in a way that it feels natural and it deals with mainly grey areas, a complicated issue never have a easy solution after all.

Despite being very slow I was never bored and it sustain my interest throughout, a lot to do with some excellent acting, especially Eva Green shines.

It's also visually very pleasing for the eyes with some very good cinematography.

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