Wonder Women

1987 [CN]


IMDb Rating 6.5 10 55

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ebiros2 7 / 10

Extremely Good Movie

I've originally seen this movie a long time ago. When I first saw it, it didn't click with me, but when I saw it again recently, wow, I see what a stylish comedy it is.

Everyone was much younger then (of course), and Carol Do Do Cheng, and Michael Wong looks stunningly good in this movie. D&B movies made some of the best movies. They always had class and modern looks that was different from other big studios like Golden Harvest, and Media Asia. This sure is one of them.

Do Do Cheng is already a big star, but she becomes even bigger in the following years, and you can see her in her still youthful appearance in this movie.

This is one great movie from the silver age of Hong Kong movies, and is highly recommended for a watch.

Reviewed by KickAssDude 10 / 10

A comedy which is ahead of its time.

During the mid 1980s, Hong Kong comedy movies are no better than just slap stick comedies and toilet humors. Most movies have no story plots or whatsoever at all. Basically it is a disaster. In 1987, Kam Kwok Leong, a previous TV director and actor, with a leap of faith, believing that some audience would appreciate a more cerebral comedy, and went on to the silver screen directing his first, Shen qi liang xia nu (Two Wonder Women). It was a full house during the Premiere Night. But during the viewing, viewers' laughter are constantly missing from all the punchlines, in another words, "viewers didn't get it". Disappointingly, viewers are expecting crude toilet humor jokes which are not present. Evidently, this film is not for the audience of the 80s. In my opinion, this is a rare and brilliant movie of its time, but just that it was made and released ahead of its time.

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