Woodstock 99: Peace Love and Rage


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wasabiteabag 5 / 10

Woodstock is the Scooby-Doo of Festivals

Under the poo covered white tarp is a corporate post-hippy type counting the money they made off their victims of systematic regressive behaviour and expensive H2o.

This doco, brought to you by Getty Images and Fight Club, lays blame to the 25yr old kid that listens to nü-metal in their parents basement. Not much attention to the organisers that deigned a festival to exploit their sociopolitical agenda.

Also, don't blame Fred Durst for igniting a flame that was burning well before the festival was premeditated. That's like blaming an NRL player for not scoring a try in your multi.

Imagined timeline if Woodstock was on the Stock Exchange; WoodCorp Pty Ltd (WORP) went public on the ASX with an opening price of 0.69c that quickly shot up to 0.94c then peaked at 0.99c before the big plunge down to 0.19c with the cancelation of 50th anniversary of the festival...and Moby.

Reviewed by Watson99 3 / 10

My Wife and I are now 70 years old and attended the 1969 and 1999 Festivals

My wife and I discussed the things that were most memorable. The positive - great music and everyone was pleasant with the exception of a small percentage of attendees that decided to wreck the place! Yes...the music was energizing and that is why we attended.

The negative - horrible port-o-cans! We took showers and we drank the free water. What they do not mention and we were there, unlike the "journalists" who were not, is that the locals and people that did not pay for tickets were the ones that started tearing down the poster wall. They had been outside the walls for hours and were doing their best to disrupt the event because they could not gain entry without tickets. Yes, there was violence just as there was in 1969, which was not all about love, peace and music despite the "memories" they try to project. 500,000 attendees and possibly 50 were starting fires and 150 were breaking things. Woodstock 1969 was a far worse experience than 1999!

Reviewed by nave-20376 1 / 10

Woodstock 99: Woke Blame and Rage

Relive Woodstock 99 with a 2021 Social Justice message. It's all over the place, with little to no focus on the music. It focused primarily on all the horrible parts and how monstrous, caused by white males! For the performances, it peels away the raw and intense moments, by dissecting them with guests who whine and complain, how "it wasn't 1969". Overall, the focus was on the Rage by white males who only want to see t*ts, who destroy everything and abused women. Very little about the music. A very one sided documentary that oddly wasn't about Woodstock 99.

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