Wrong Turn


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 765

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Matthew Modine as Scott
Emma Dumont as Milla D'Angelo
Charlotte Vega as Jen Shaw
Daisy Head as Edith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by travisthegrimm 4 / 10

Feeling very torn...


I just got out of seeing this and I am torn. It's a fun horror film, yes, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wrong Turn franchise. I kept waiting for the moment those favorite hillbilly cannibals of mine to pop up... and they never did.

I don't know if I just had different expectations and it was assumed this would be about something else entirely? But I feel like a clown for hyping myself up for this. Drove an hour and a half for this, hoping for the best and instead I got some weird mix of Wrong Turn, The Village and Tomb Raider???

If you're in it for the sake of Wrong Turn, just skip it. But if you want to watch a fun-at-times lil horror film than you'd probably get a kick out of this.

Sad times.

Reviewed by chanin-54616 1 / 10

The 10 star reviews must have been paid to say so

Or they have never seen an actual GOOD horror film. Because this was not. Besides the fact that the acting was terrible, the dialogue was worse, and there was not chemistry between the characters. Everything felt forced and unbelievable. And the plot "twist" wasn't even really a twist. Everyone kept making the dumbest decisions and mistakes through the whole movie. And the end. How did she kill all the people in that van by herself?? They couldn't show it because they knew it wasn't possible. HA. Such a dumb movie.

Reviewed by Grapple Man 1 / 10

Home Alone in the forest!

If you go through my history, I've been a member here since 1999 and I haven't written a review or left a comment on anything for a looooooong time.

But this movie.... and seeing the high scores. Did we watch the same movie? The terrible and heavy handed politics aside, it is so drawn out and boring. The first kill is by a rolling log (that would've been immediately stopped by the trees in the forest) and the crushed head was funny. I was with the movie (again, even with the on-the-nose politics) up to this point. Then it just gets ridiculously dumb.

It felt like a 3.5 hour movie but it's not. It isn't a horror movie, it isn't a thriller. It thinks it's far more clever than it really is (the hillybilly hicks end up being the nice guys at the end?! Who'd have thought it?!?! Ugh....) and with the over abundance of trap kills, it's just Home Alone in the forest minus any fun, creativity or talent.

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