Wuthering Heights


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6 10 9083

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Kaya Scodelario as Older Cathy
Oliver Milburn as Mr. Linton
James Northcote as Edgar Linton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morn-hyland 1 / 10

Waste of time.

This is nothing more than Andrea Arnold's feeble attempt at mimicking Terrence Malick, and she does it oh so badly. Surreal long shots of moths and feathers are fine if they're done well, but if they're just peppered in, in lieu of actual explanation or development, it cheapens the entire experience of watching this admittedly already terrible piece of artwork.

This film was not remotely true to the novel, and to even entitle it "Wuthering Heights" is such a bastardization that one wonders if the director even read the book. (Notably, the film ends at the midpoint of the book... and takes upwards of two, agonizing, poorly-directed hours to get there).

Also. Gypsies aren't black. Worst casting imaginable.

Bronte is rolling in her grave.

Reviewed by ken-830-28758 1 / 10

Total rubbish.

If this was Wuthering Heights then I'll stand hanging. I'm certain that Emily Bronte's book did not contain such disgusting language, nor did she intend to portray the gypsy Heathcliffe as a black man though I suppose, in 2011, that ticks a politically correct box. I live in Yorkshire and I can assure you that we do have fine days and the moors can look bleak on bad days but viewers of this film are given the impression that it is a constant hell hole of howling winds and driving rain. Scenes jumped from one thing to another without explanation. Many of them were so dark that I could not figure out who was in them nor what was going on and the lack of script made them devoid of clues. There was much totally unnecessary footage of animal cruelty including a sheep's dying glugs as blood spurted from its mouth and neck after Heathcliffe had stabbed it. I stuck it out up to the point in which Heathcliffe number two (who didn't bear any resemblance whatsoever to Heathcliffe number one) was trying to open the coffin lid then left in disgust. Total rubbish!

Reviewed by jamie-96822 1 / 10

Emily Brontë is rolling in her grave.

I couldn't see or here anything in this film. The lighting was so bad it was like the studio must of spent the budget on other prodjects, the horid camera work when Heatcliff covers his eyes, the wind that blocked out all sound probably because the sound crew realised the unintellgible filth coming out of the actors mouth was not worth hearing and the child nudity the actor of young Heathcliff was barley 14 at filming I hope this edition fades from public memory as the infinitely better 1978 version did, I gave up ten minutes before the end after exepting this was not Emily Brontë's masterpiece that I know and love.

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