Wyrmwood: Apocalypse



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by contacttylerobwallispro 6 / 10

Wyrms, Wyrms and more Wyrms!

Geared up with the same playful exuberance of it's predecessor, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse boast some wild photography, gleefully crafted gore and some truely brilliant set pieces. But sadly lacks the charm and humour that helped make the first film what it was.

Protagonists of the original were sidelined and replaced for a great deal of the movie, but any new characters where given very little development. Too little to be fully invested in their archs as a whole. Which is a shame as there are some amazing new characters played by some truely talented actors.

That being said, I liked what I saw, it was a massive amount of fun and I will be watching out for more!

Reviewed by waltermwilliams 1 / 10

What Walt's Watching

It's been over a decade since the original "Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead" so this sequel really needed to be self-contained.

Unfortunately it's not a stand alone movie, it just picks straight after the first wrapped up....so it's confusing from the opening frame without any context.

Shame because the 2014 release broke new ground for an Australian Apocalyptic Nightmare Zombie scenario.

One of the upsides of this franchise is the number of First Nations People actors hired.

More Aussie movies should follow their lead.

For what it's worth Wyrmwood is a Biblical reference to the beginning of the end of final judgement day.

The iconic Aussie sense of humour is present in both movies along with heavy doses of violence , gore and horror!

This is not for the squeamish.

Jay Gallagher is back as "Barry" a man who had to take a nail gun to his own wife and child over a decade ago.

Bianca Bradley returns as his "hybrid" sister Brooke...complete with the Super Power of Zombie control she's a weapon.

The infamous dancing while he experiments "Doctor" played by Berynn Schwerdt is replaced by "The Surgeon" (Nicholas Boshier) as he does his best to channel evil Hugo Weaving.

Unfortunately Leon Burchill isn't back as the hilarious Benny.

Even "The Umbilical Brothers" David Collins gets a role as "Keith Head Boom".

In a slightly corny move Luke McKenzie is back as the twin of "The Captain".

If low budget Zombie infested Australian wastelands are your thing then get on board "Wyrmwood: Apocalypse", but do yourself a favour and watch the first in this series from Director/Writer Kiah Roache Turner on Netflix before booking a cinema seat.

Reviewed by waxopah 10 / 10

The movie you've been waiting for!

The sequel is finally out! It's a fun and enjoyable movie just to watch! Zombie movies are a lot of drama these days, but I like Wyrmwood because it has more exciting action and development than a drama.

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