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Reviewed by Jackbv123 9 / 10

"What is fake and real, really?"

How about calling it "theater"? So many Christmas movies have a "white lie". But Jen and her cohorts know that this is more deception than a white lie. False pretenses are necessary to enter the contest and their store needs the exposure, so it is OK, right?

Deception aside, this story is good. It has some fresh angles. It has energy, It has suspense. The situation keeps building. There is a twist that is heavily hinted. Clare Bowen and Brant Daugherty have great chemistry and good comedic timing. Karen Kruper slightly overplays the meddling mom, but it works. There are some great lines. I loved the conversation that comes in the bedroom the night after the gingerbread house video.

There is an interesting theme where the real Jen thinks she is the opposite of Jen T. She has real self-esteem issues. The trolls among her online followers really hurt her. She also has a strong aversion to marriage. This movie does an amazing job of developing this character, and this character is real. What is especially interesting is how her personality as Jen T shines a light on who the real Jen is.

The relationship between Jen and Max doesn't get as much screen time as many of these movies, but it makes great use of the time they have. I enjoyed watching this relationship as much as many I can think of.

To portray a character like Jen takes some good acting. Like the character, Bowen may not have been perfect, but she showed us a real person. I don't think Max's character had the layer of depth, but Daugherty was outstanding in this part.

I am amazed that I want to give what is basically a fake marriage movie 10 stars. But also I can't ignore what I said in the first paragraph. Of course, the truth comes out and has consequences, and the audience expected it. So 1 star deduction for real deception because I am a dinosaur who still believes honesty is a virtue and it has become to easy to blur the lines between fake and real.

Reviewed by MickyG333 7 / 10

Gets to the core of emotional baggage

6.8 stars.

First, this movie is somewhat entertaining, and dramatic. The musical score is great, the atmosphere is good, the acting is good. There is not much romance, but for me it was enjoyable, mainly because I could connect with the characters. There are a bunch of wounded people in this story. She gets caught up in a small lie that blows up into a whole charade of cover up after cover up. Will she end up sabotaging what remains of her dwindling success?

How many of us relate to this movie? Probably a lot of us. This movie is about family baggage, and the struggles and trials that accompany a dysfunctional relationship with a parent. Our protagonist female has nothing but leftover shadows from her past, and this story is about her personal conflicts to overcome the darkness and come into the light. In spite of her misfortunes as a child, due to problems with her mother, she managed to follow her dream. She is a creator of artistic beauty, and owns a store with her sister which showcases her talents. In contrast are all of the past issues that haunt her and are a barrier to her taking the next steps toward self-fulfillment. Everyone around her sees her potential, but she can't see past her insecurities. Waiting just beyond the horizon is the opportunity of a lifetime, and a chance at great love.

This movie is very effective at displaying a dramatized version of many hurting and injured individuals in the world today, and I hope that narcissistic parents can fathom the destructive impact they have on their children. Emotional abuse creates narcissists, and narcissists proliferate emotional abuse. Listen to Dr. Phil and let us end this tragic cycle.

Reviewed by MichaelByTheSea 6 / 10

If you like watching a woman be miserable for a couple of hours, this is the movie for you

We live in a society that rewards lying and cheating. But I really don't like most movies that are based on characters who lie and cheat to get ahead. Aside from the ethical questions, it's always really cringey when they get found out, and they always do get found out. At least the fake date movies involve characters who, arguably, don't hurt anybody other than family, and are ostensibly set up to prevent family criticism (or allow grandma to think everything is fine).

But here, somebody who told the truth didn't make it in the competition because Jen posted a fake video entry that got picked instead. Ironically, everything else that Jen says in her videos is usually quite "genuine" and it seemed possible that she could have made it to the final 20 and final 10 and maybe even the final 3 by being completely honest.

But having gone down the wrong path, with sales in her struggling business going up, Jen asks rhetorically:

"Why do I think this is going to spiral out of control to my detriment?"

Because it will.

And, for much of the movie, we are forced to watch Clare Bowen (effectively) make Emily look like the most miserable and emotionality distraught person on the planet. She constantly looks like she's seen a ghost or just watched her ice cream fall on to the sidewalk. I get it; she's really damaged by the loss of her dad when she was a child and by her resentment of a mom who looked for love elsewhere and wasn't there for her. And she's guilt ridden over the fake life she's living. But watching that nonstop pain, angst and anxiety is not the most enjoyable experience. Especially when stretched out over the better part of two hours.

I kept waiting and wishing that she would just let loose and enjoy Max who, inexplicably, has loved her for years. It's Hallmark, so everyone knows where they will end up, but in a good movie, as in life, the focus should be on the journey not the destination. Here, the journey was painful.

I did like watching Anna Van Hooft, who played Emily's sister and business partner Ali. I'd like to see her in more Hallmark movies and maybe even in a lead role.

I grade Hallmark on a curve, but I can see why I never saw any commercials or trailers for this movie.

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